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The Desert Sector (also referred as Desert Region in Season 1) is one of the four surface sectors of Lyoko. It is also the one with the most dangerous monster attacks. Most of the creatures can get around easily here. The Desert is made out of a collection of dry, rocky plateaus. There is very little greenery, as there are only withered trees scattered here and there. Here, X.A.N.A. can create sandstorms, break apart the plateaus, and even tilt them at 90° angles to immobilize the Lyoko Warriors. The Desert is made up of two levels: the lower and higher levels. The higher level's plateaus are very large and most towers in the sector can be found here. Large creatures, such as Megatanks, Tarantulas, and Krabs inhabit this area. The lower level's plateaus are very small, and small sharp rocks are littered.

In The Pretender, X.A.N.A. possessed Aelita and used her to completely destroy the Desert. However, Jeremie and Aelita manage to recreate the Desert Sector in Double Take as it was the first surface sector to make a reappearance.

The Desert Sector is numbered as Sector 2 by the flash game Sector 2 Escape.


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Code Lyoko - The Desert Sector (Season 2-4)

Most of the Desert Sector consists of the large, vast and flat platforms and plateaus of yellow sandstone. There are sharp thin rocks in it as well. Some act as connectors between the platforms. The landscape is lined with Lyoko Wires and Towers. Another important aspect of the Desert Sector is that unlike Ice, Forest and Mountain Sectors, it doesn't contain long pathways which connect several plateaus together and if there are they are short and resemble bridges.


Code Lyoko - The Desert Sector - Oasis

The Desert Sector contains an oasis complete with some rocks and it has minor shrubs of grass. It appears to have water, but this is only a surface layer as it actually covers a long drop to another plateau with a tower. It appeared exclusively in Seeing Is Believing.


Code Lyoko - The Desert Sector - Craters

The Desert Sector contains occasional craters. Some craters contain the towers like in Teddygozilla or The Pretender and one such crater contained the tower used to run Jeremie Clone in Double Take. On some occasions, the craters are connected with each other via tunnels. Some craters don't have the bottom and lead down straight to the Digital Sea.


Code Lyoko - The Desert Sector - Tunnels

Some craters in the sector have various tunnels which connects two separate craters such as in Teddygozilla. Some of these are barely wide enough for a Megatank. Scyphozoa often travels through these tunnels to capture Aelita like in Final Mix and The Pretender.

Spikes and Columns

Code Lyoko - The Desert Sector - Spikes and Columns

Some sections of the Desert Sector contain rock spikes and columns which are mostly decorative elements. However, in Hard Luck, in Desert Replika, Yumi managed to crush William with one of the columns with her telekinesis.


Code Lyoko - The Desert Sector - Canyons

The Desert Sector contains several canyons to navigate through. Some of them lead to another part of the sector whereas the others end with a dead-end which usually contains the tower, like in the episode Countdown. Some of those canyons contain many obstacles like spikes and columns which makes it much harder to navigate through them like in Hard Luck.

Rock Formations

Code Lyoko - The Desert Sector - Rock Formations

There are many rock formations found in the whole sector which differ from each other by height, type and so on. Like other elements in the Desert Sector, they are mostly decorative, but they can be also used as the cover or hiding places like Aelita did to hide from William and to create her clone in Canine Conundrum but the monsters can also use them for their own advantage and surprise the heroes such as in The Trap when a lone Krab set a trap on Aelita.


Code Lyoko - The Desert Sector - Dunes

Some plateaus contain dunes which are mostly decorative but sometimes can save the lives of the heroes such as in The Chips Are Down from the large army of Krabs.


Code Lyoko - The Desert Sector - Greenery

The only greenery which can be found in the Desert Sector are some withered trees scattered here and there or some shrubs of grass around the oases. Just as with other elements of the Desert Sector they are only the decorative aspect of this sector.



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