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David Gasman

David Gasman (born September 27, 1960) is an American actor in France who provides voices for some of Code Lyoko's characters and other roles. He also played the X.A.N.A-possessed counterparts of his roles. He lives in France.

Code Lyoko Roles

Role Form Seasons
Jim Morales English Voice Seasons 1-4
Takeho Ishiyama English Voice Seasons 1-4
Herb Pichon English Voice Seasons 1-4
X.A.N.A. English Voice Seasons 1-4
William Dunbar English Voice Seasons 2-4
X.A.N.A. William English Voice Seasons 3-4
William Clone English Voice Season 4
Emmanuel Maillard English Voice Seasons 1-?

See also: Mr. and Mrs. Ishiyama

Noteworthy Non-Code Lyoko Roles

  • He provided the voice and motion capture for Paco Mendez in the critically acclaimed game, Heavy Rain. This is important because Jim, a Code Lyoko role he played, starred in a film called "Paco, The King Of Disco".
  • Ratatouille, noteworthy because Matthew Geczy, Jodi Forrest, David Gasman, Sharon Mann, and Alan Wenger, all of whom are Code Lyoko actors, worked on this film.
  • A Monster in Paris, noteworthy because it also had a ton of Code Lyoko actors. Such actors include Jodi Forrest, David Gasman, Matthew Geczy, Mirabelle Kirkland, and Alan Wenger.
  • Several roles in the Rabbids franchise. Again, because of the vast number of Code Lyoko actors. Matthew Geczy, Jodi Forrest, David Gasman, Sharon Mann, Alan Wenger, and Mirabelle Kirkland have all had roles in this franchise.

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