Cutscenes are short animated clips which generally occur before or after advertisement breaks. The cutscenes are also included in the video games Get Ready to Virtualize, Fall of X.A.N.A., and Quest for Infinity. Each has one of the main characters' faces and their virtual avatar in the corner. Jeremie and Aelita (before the episode The Trap) are the exceptions since Jeremie's avatar is never shown and Aelita's real-world form is not seen until Code: Earth. In Season 2, alternate scenes showed each character on their vehicles. In Season 4, the scenes were updated for the new costumes. There was no official cutscene made for William.

Jeremie/Jeremy's cutscenes

Aelita's cutscenes

Odd's cutscenes

Ulrich's cutscenes

Yumi's cutscenes

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