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Creepers are snake-like monsters that only appear in the fifth sector of Lyoko.


As its name implies, the Creeper has a lower-body that is mechanical and snakelike, but the upper body has a brown hunched torso, two thin legs and a thick lip-like mouth with the eye of X.A.N.A. as its main use for sights, all make it disturbing and simply "Creepy" to face directly.

Creepers have extremely powerful lasers that they shoot from their mouths, rivaling the Manta with 40 Attack Points of damage per impact. They can also charge their lasers, doubling the damage by waiting three seconds to shoot it. However, they have no defensive capabilities, and a mere 20 Life Points; a single hit to anywhere on its body is usually enough to destroy them. During devirtualization, they turn into puddles of goo with binary code coming out of them. They can climb walls at ease.

Like all of X.A.N.A.'s monsters, the Creepers grew stronger as the series went on, shown in Straight to Heart when Aelita got devirtualized by a Creeper in one shot of the charged laser. They are shown in Tidal Wave to spawn from the outer area of Sector Five, in a similar manner to Mantas.

Creepers have a basic ability to communicate. They make many growls and howling noises. Aelita noticed them communicating in the episode Aelita.


  • Metal Creepers
    • Exclusive to Quest for Infinity and Fall of X.A.N.A.
    • They differ from regular creepers by having metal armor.
    • In QFI, only Ulrich can damage blue versions of them.
    • In FOX, everyone can damage them.
  • Beam Creepers
    • Exclusive to Quest for Infinity and Fall of X.A.N.A.
    • Have small horns on the back of their heads,
    • Fire laser beams that turn on, fire a continuous beam for a few seconds, turn off, recharge, and repeat.


  • In the French dub, Creepers are known as Rampants.
  • Creepers were never shown outside of Sector Five. Unlike the Mantas and Scyphozoa, both natives from Sector Five, they are incapable of leaving. This is possibly due to it being the only Sector Five native unable to fly, or its weak defenses make it negligible in other sectors.
  • Creepers were the first monster to devirtualize Aelita and the first monster to be devirtualized by her new weapon as well.


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