"Try using your creativity, Aelita! We need a little time!"

–Jeremie in "Rock Bottom?".

Creativity is Aelita's power on Lyoko. It was first called by name by Jeremie in "Rock Bottom?". Soft, angelic, melodic sounds or non-lyrical vocalized singing is summoned and heard; similar to those of a siren. In Evolution, a thin light blue-colored aura appears around her body.


Season Two

This ability allows her to create bridges, walls, plateaus, blocks, platforms, ramps, flats, delete structures, and create clones (though she can only create one at a time as seen in "A Bad Turn", mirror images, and illusions).

Season Three

Aelita continues to use this earth-altering ability, even after she developed a "weapon" of her own during the vacation. In "Temporary Insanity", she used it to call forth a large wall of solid ice to defend Odd and Ulrich against two Bloks and a Tarantula (whom they believed to be Sissi, Herb and Nicolas).

Season Four

Aelita was also able to use creativity to free herself from William's Super Smoke in "William Returns". Aelita can combine this ability with her Energy Fields, to make a large force field, which she did in "Replika".

As a spectre on Earth, her stronger creativity allows her to open sealed doors, and break computer codes in military bases, which she did in "Lab Rat".


Aelita continues to use her creativity, but the ability manifests slightly different than before. Instead of angelic and melodious siren-like singing, a light blue aura appears around her.

This stronger earth-changing ability appeared again in the episode "Suspicions", when Aelita used it to open the entrance to the core chamber in the Cortex, which she continued to use for the rest of the season.

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  • In the first season, Aelita would usually kneel, clasp her hands and close her eyes to use this ability, but in subsequent seasons, she just closes her eyes and has her hand select what she wants to create or alter.
  • Even though Aelita had this terrain/earth-controlling ability long before she developed her pink Energy Fields, the others still considered Aelita being unable to defend herself against X.A.N.A.'s monsters.
  • It is very similar to how X.A.N.A. itself alters the landscape of a region to however it sees fit.
  • In Code Lyoko Evolution, she never utilized this ability to alter any parts of the landscape on either Lyoko or the Cortex. She had only used it to open the door to where the Heart of the Cortex was.

Facebook Social Game

This ability appears on the Code Lyoko: Social Game.

  • 17 Mirror Image - Create a double in front of each ally, who then absorbs an attack.
  • 18 Synthesized Obstacle - Defend against several attacks before retreating.


Seasons 1-5


Lyoko Powers - Aelita's Creativity

Lyoko Powers - Aelita's Creativity