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Course Code Lyoko is a flash game in the Code Lyoko Franchise. Its unofficial English title is "Code Lyoko Race". It is a racing game in the surface Sectors on the Vehicles.

Course Code Lyoko is written in Macromedia Flash. It has issues operating on Firefox, but works in most versions of Chrome. It was developed by France 3.


In the game, the player chooses to play as Odd Della Robbia on the Overboard, Ulrich Stern on the Overbike, or Yumi Ishiyama on the Overwing. This has no bearing on the actual gameplay aside from appearance. The player then races against a semi-transparent Artificial Intelligence, as Odd on the Overwing. The player races through the Desert Sector, Ice Sector, Mountain Sector, and Forest Sector, dodging obstacles, eventually reaching a finish line. There's no collision code between the player and the AI, though both are affected by the environment. There is a course completion indicator, without the obstacles listed.


The game runs on standard directional input from a keyboard, with space for jumping.

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