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This is the English version of the subtitles for episode 97: Cortex



  • Jeremie: What is he doing? We've waited for him for 10 minutes, every time it's the same thing.
  • Yumi: We could start without him.
  • Odd: Here I am! Guess what. I've got something really great, it's completely crazy!
  • Aelita: A new girlfriend?
  • Odd: No, A pirated copy of Cyberbiker 7. Not even out in France, a bargain that I can't miss.
  • Jeremie: You're late for a get-together because of a game?! What if it was a XANA attack?
  • Odd: Well obviously it's not.
  • Jeremie: Okay I'll drop it. I called you because there's something new. With Aelita, we were able to localize a signal somewhere in the digital sea, but its quite far off.
  • Yumi: XANA? More like the place of his rebirth.
  • Jeremie: Well, I think.
  • Aelita: Jeremy thinks that if we go there, it will answer a lot of questions. Like how XANA was reactivated, by whom or what?
  • Jeremie: And how to destroy it. I mean permanently, this time.
  • Ulrich: Wait. How are we going to get into the digital sea? We swim?
  • Aelita: No with a submarine as usual.
  • Odd: Wow great! You reprogrammed the Skid?
  • Jeremie: What do you think? When some people have fun, others work.
  • Aelita: So? Ready for a new mission in the digital sea?
  • Ulrich: Definitely!
  • Yumi: Yes.
  • Odd: Very.


  • William: So, we're taking a walk?
  • Odd: Hmmm, I love stolling through the sewers! It reminds me of my holidays in...
  • William: On Lyoko? Do you really take me for an idiot or what? You think I don't get your little games, your whispers and your round trips to the factory...? "Hey, Yumi, do you want to have lunch with me today?" "No, sorry, I can't today..."
  • Yumi: William...
  • William: XANA is back, isn't he? Did you turn the supercomputer back on?
  • Jeremie: It's complicated...
  • William: It's complicated? It's very simple. How can't you fight without my help? I proved myself, didn't I?
  • Ulrich: You mostly proved that you were hot-headed! You're not reliable. You played it solo without thinking. See where it led you?
  • William: What happened could have happened to you too.
  • Odd: Yes, but it didn't! You spent your time showing off, but you fell into a trap like a beginner.


  • Ulrich: We'll meet after school?
  • Yumi: Yes.
  • Ulrich: Hey Yumi, are you alright?
  • Yumi: Yeah, I'm ok, it's just that... We were a little harsh on William, weren't we?
  • Ulrich: Wait, you're the one saying that? Last time you saw William on Lyoko, he was under the influence of XANA. You even fought against him.
  • Yumi: I know, but XANA is back and things have changed. William also changed. He could really help us this time.
  • Odd: Who are you and what are you doing in Yumi's body?
  • Yumi: Okay, you're right. It's stupid. Well, I'll see you later.


  • Kid (Odd's friend): Hey Odd! Odd! Psst!
  • Odd: So, you have it? For sure? How much?
  • Kid (Odd's friend): 20, friend price; it's a bargain.
  • Odd: Awsome.
  • Kid (Odd's friend): See you.
  • Jim: Leaving a door open like this...
  • Odd: Hey! Hey-o! I don't believe this. No service? Do they put lead in the walls or what?


  • Ulrich: I don't understand. He was just there with us.
  • Aelita: And he seemed really happy to go back on the Skid.
  • Jeremie: Well, too bad. You go without him.
  • Yumi: You really think this is a good idea?
  • Jeremy: The signal is very weak, no way to lose it because of this idiot! So you dive now! Be careful.
  • Aelita: You know me.


  • Jeremie: Transfer Yumi, transfer Ulrich, transfer Aelita. I started the virtualization. Scanner Ulrich, scanner Aelita, Scanner Yumi. Virtualization!


  • Yumi: Wow, I forgot how beautiful it was.
  • Aelita: Yeah.
  • Ulrich: It's a shame Odd's not here.


  • Odd: Hey! Is someone out there? In here!
  • William: Odd?
  • Odd: William it's you?! I'm stuck in here help me.
  • William: Oh I can't believe it. So how does it feel - to be trapped like a novice?
  • Odd: Ha ha, very funny. Go find Jim. He has the key. And hurry. It can't wait.
  • William: XANA's attacking?
  • Odd: NO but there's a problem.
  • William: Ok. I'll see what I can do.
  • Odd: And hurry.
  • William: Yeah, yeah, don't worry.


  • Ulrich: It didn't change.
  • Yumi: No but it feels weird to be back in here.
  • Jeremie: Aelita, cap 107 to find a hub.
  • Aelita: Ok attention, acceleration. Attention: acceleration in: 3, 2, 1, 0. Jeremy, we are here. But I can't see anything. Are you sure about the cap?
  • Jeremie: Yeah but the signal is not very clear. You'll see something soon, though.


  • Jeremie: Odd you're such a drag. Now you arrive?
  • William: Sorry.
  • Jeremie: William? No, I don't have time for this. We're in the middle of a -
  • William: Of a mission! I see that. Just here to say that Odd couldn't come. He had a... let's say a minor setback.


  • Aelita: Jeremie? Up ahead, I see something.
  • Jeremie: What does it look like?
  • Aelita: It looks like a giant sphere, like Lyoko - but much less nice - a kind of CORTEX. I see a portal.
  • Jeremie: If it's the same as Lyoko, it's not very complicated to open. Here, it's open.
  • Aelita: Jeremie, we came out of the digital sea. There's a sector, as in Lyoko... But it's really weird. It's a ring around a core.
  • Jeremie: It's probably the heart of this Cortex. It's here that we will find the mystery of XANA's return.
  • Aelita: Let's go check it out, landing.
  • Jeremie: I'll bring up your vehicles.
  • Ulrich: Come on, princess.


  • Jeremie: There's no monsters, but be careful, we never know.


  • Jeremie: Watch out! Something's happening. It's not good.
  • Ulrich: Yumi, watch out!
  • Aelita: Yumi!
  • Ulrich: Aelita, what the heck was that?
  • Jeremie: What happened?
  • Ulrich: I don't know, everything moved, I stopped but Yumi has been devirtualized.
  • Jeremie: Oh no!
  • William: What?
  • Jeremie: Yumi's not in a scanner.
  • William: What does that mean?
  • Jeremie: She's sort of stuck in a digital between-two. The Cortex interferes with the Skid. I lost a lot of data in the network.
  • William: I can't understand a word! Is Yumi alive or not?
  • Jeremie: Yes - No! I don't know! Aelita, go in the Cortex's heart, in the core.
  • Aelita: Can we - now what's happening Jeremy?
  • Jeremie: Yumi's stuck. We need to get thig digital signature. It's the only way to get her back.
  • Aelita: Here we come Yumi, don't worry.
  • Ulrich and Aelita: Aaah!
  • Aelita: Ulrich!
  • Jeremie: No way. Ulrich's stuck as well. What are we going to do? William?
  • William: Just tell me how I get in the Cortex.
  • Jeremie: I'll take you there directly, the Skid is a relay.
  • William: Ok...
  • Jeremie: Transfer William. Virtualization!
  • William: Wow.
  • Jeremie: William, don't waste your time, Aelita is in the west. I'll give you the Overboard.
  • William: No, I have something way better. I think I kept a little memory from XANA.


  • Jim: Della Robia, is it you whose been making all this noise?! And what are you doing in here?
  • Odd: William took a long time to warn you!
  • Jim: William Dunbar? He didn't warn me.
  • Odd: So how did you know that? Oh I can't believe it.
  • Jim: Wait little boy, choose a number 2,4,6,8?
  • Odd: Later, Sir!
  • Jim: Ok Della Robia, 10 hours in detention.


  • Jeremie: Aelita, get out! Aelita?!
  • William: Hey calm down, it's me.
  • Aelita: I know, sorry. Your supersmoke makes me nervous.
  • William: Sorry, let's go.


  • Odd: Where's this bastard? If I find him!!!
  • Jeremie: Odd, William is already in the Cortex, we have a problem.
  • Odd: What?! And he took my place?! What's the Cortex?
  • Jeremie: Hurry! Ulrich and Yumi are in danger.
  • Odd: Oh yeah? Well William is also in danger!
  • Aelita: It's locked.
  • William: Let me do it.
  • Aelita: It will not work like this.
  • William: Watch out!
  • Aelita: We can go.
  • William: Go ahead, don't worry about me.
  • Jeremie: Virtualization!


  • Odd: William! Traitor! Bastard!
  • William: Oh, you finally got out.
  • Jeremie: This is not the time! You'll fight later.
  • Odd: I'll be back for you later.


  • Aelita: Jeremie, I'm almost there. You were right, there's some sort of terminal.
  • Jeremie: Ok, connect yourself to the interface and get back the digital signature of Yumi and Ulrich. We don't have much time, hurry!
  • Aelita: Jeremie, something's wrong.
  • Jeremie: Don't lose any time!
  • William: Game over!
  • Odd: Yeah, not we can fight!
  • William: Hey calm down, okay?
  • Odd: In your dreams, I'm going to kick your butt.
  • Wiliam: Odd, stop.
  • Odd: Come on. What the heck?
  • William: Aelita?!
  • Jeremie: Be careful, something's happening.
  • William: Aelita! Come on!
  • Jeremie: Aelita! Get out of there, quick! Aelita move!
  • Aelita: ...Dad?
  • Jeremie: Aelita move!
  • William: Come on, come on, come on!
  • Odd: It's nice here.


  • Jeremie: Are you sure it was your father?
  • Aelita: I don't understand. What does he have to do with the Cortex?
  • Jeremie: Maybe nothing, we can't be sure. Listen, Aelita. I promise to do everthing to understand.
  • William: And what about me?
  • Jeremie: It's true that you haven't been nice to Odd.
  • Odd: Yeah, exactly!
  • Jeremie: But it's also true that without you... The mission could have failed. We will think about it.
  • Odd: What? Is that all you say to him? You should kiss him!
  • William: No, a thank you will be enough.


  • Jim: Well, let's make it clear for all of you little jokers who like to play tricks. The next person who comes within 10 meters of this door gets 2 hours of detention. Uhh. I mean the other way around: less than 2 meters gets 10 hours of detention. Ah well, you understood me! Got it?!
  • Odd: Hey, William! William! William!
  • William: So, there he is. Did you choose your weapon? What is it this time, a fencing foil or a matchlock pistol?
  • Odd: No, were not going to have a duel. That would be stupid. I just wanted to tell you that... Yumi's waiting for you. She has something to tell you.
  • William: Yumi? Where?
  • Odd: In the lunchroom.
  • William: No hard feelings?
  • Odd: No hard feelings.
  • Jim: Dunbar, you want to get smart with me? 10 hours of detention!
  • Odd: My work here is done!