Confusion is the sixteenth episode of Code Lyoko Evolution and the one-hundred-and-eleventh episode of the whole Code Lyoko series.


Towers are being activated and deactivated constantly. Laura follows the group and Jeremie allows her to help, seeing as it's an unusual case. While in the lab she asks Aelita about Franz Hopper. Not getting a decent answer, she goes to do research in the library before confronting Aelita, saying that she knows Franz built the Supercomputer, and that he apparently abandoned his daughter. Aelita replies that her father didn't abandon her, that he sacrificed himself for her, and asks if Laura's father would do the same. Aelita returns to the lab.

The gang decides they'll have more luck finding out why by going to the Cortex, where XANA currently lives. They happen upon a huge battle between Tyron's Ninjas and XANA's monsters in the Dome, and can't figure out why the two are fighting each other because Tyron's Supercomputer is what's allowing XANA access to the network. Jeremie decides to organise a meeting with Tyron to ask some questions. Later that night the gang goes back to the factory, Aelita and Yumi being sent in to talk to Tyron about XANA. Tyron claims he knows nothing about the AI, and that there was no way it could be living inside his Supercomputer. He then tries to imprison Aelita and Yumi inside the Cortex, but Jeremie pulls them out just in time. It's then that the Lyoko Warriors realise they're up against two separate threats rather than one.


  • Yumi has a couple of firsts in this episode: This is the first time in season five which she pilots the Skidbladnir, and also this is the first episode that she is virtualized twice in the same one.
  • First time Krabes and Tarantulas are seen inside the core of Cortex.
  • X.A.N.A. appears to be beginning to rebel against Pr. Tyron.
  • Pr. Tyron speaks to Team Lyoko for the first time.
  • Ninjas have a new ability: they can fire a stream of energy and freeze people in a position; they can also guide the paralyzed targets similar to how jedis can move objects with the use of the "force."
  • Laura begins to learn about Franz Hopper.


  • X.A.N.A.'s strength is shown to be at 80%, but as of the previous episode, X.A.N.A. had 85% control of the Web.
  • When Ulrichs virtualistation is running, it's seen that Odd is also in a proces of virtualisation, however, he is already on Lyoko.
  • During Williams virtulization, you see he is wearing a black leather jacket, while before in the scene where he was in the SuperComputer room, he is wearing no jacket.


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