Confusion is the sixteenth episode of Code Lyoko Evolution and the one-hundred-and-eleventh episode of the whole Code Lyoko series.



  • Yumi has a couple of firsts in this episode: This is the first time in season five which she pilots the Skidbladnir, and also this is the first episode that she is virtualized twice in the same one.
  • X.A.N.A. appears to be beginning to rebel against Pr. Tyron.
  • Pr. Tyron speaks to Team Lyoko for the first time.
  • Ninjas have a new ability: they can fire a stream of energy and freeze people in a position; they can also guide the paralyzed targets similar to how jedis can move objects with the use of the "force."
  • Laura begins to learn about Franz Hopper.
  • Possible Error(?): X.A.N.A.'s strength is shown to be at 80%, but as of the previous episode, X.A.N.A. had 85% control of the Web.


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