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Cold War is the nineteenth episode of Season 2 and the forty-fifth episode of Code Lyoko.


During the night, an alert from the Superscan wakes up Jeremie. As he gets up, it then turns itself off as Jeremie watches in confusion.

In the morning, Jeremie and Aelita look over the false alarm and Jeremie wonders if he just imagined it. Meanwhile, the school is lively as a rumor is spread about the arrival of a celebrity reporter named Thomas "TV" Vincent, hoping to do a documentary on the kids and their academics. Odd is frantic, desperately searching for one of his DVDs of his short films, wanting to show him one of his films in an attempt to be discovered.

When TV arrives with his camerawoman Edna, he is rude and pretentious towards the teachers. He interferes in Mrs. Hertz's class without authorization and lets Odd down when he tries to hand him his DVD, obsessed with his own story.

During recess, the Superscan detects an activated tower in the Mountain Sector and the Lyoko Warriors go to the Factory. On Lyoko, they don't meet much resistance from X.A.N.A. and destroy a bunch of Hornets without difficulty and the last remaining one simply flies away. Just as they reach the tower, it suddenly deactivates itself. Once back on Earth, the group meets back up with Jeremie, who tells him that the Superscan is going through the same cycle that causes it to repeat itself and it detects now that there's another tower activated in the Ice Sector but it once again it deactivates itself. Believing something to be wrong, Aelita and Jeremie choose to stay on-site to check the state of the Supercomputer, dismissing their friends to return to school.

During lunch, TV cuts in front of the line and takes all the remainder of Odd's second helping of meatballs he was hoping to get and soon complains about the taste. In the lab, anxious Jeremie spots another tower activating in the Ice Sector and it keeps being activated. This time, it looks like X.A.N.A. really is attacking as spectre is emerging from skyscraper's satelite into clouds. Back at the school, everyone notices how it has randomly started snowing, much to their joy. After some time enjoying the weather change, the temperature decreases suddenly to a whole new drop and becomes a blizzard in record time. They all head into the school for shelter in the boiler room and are given proper clothes for the cold, all the while the temperature drops about -20°C (-4°F). Yumi calls Jeremie to tell him of the news, confirming his theory.

Despite the intense, bitter cold and the torrential snow, the three friends decide to make their way to the Factory. Outside, they run into TV along with Herb and Sissi, who were in TV's car when it ran into a tree. Yumi demands TV to take Herb and Sissi to the school for proper shelter. After they leave, the tree suddenly falls in their path. Yumi pushes Ulrich out of the way, taking the blow and impact herself. Unable to get her out, Ulrich tells Odd to go to the factory on his own while he stays behind with Yumi. Odd wishes him the best and leaves as Ulrich looks in the nearby garden shed for tools. During this, the temperature decreases to -40°C (-40°F).

Inside said building, Aelita insists to Jeremie that she must go to Lyoko despite knowing that X.A.N.A. is planning to use the Scyphozoa on her. Jeremie insists they avoid giving X.A.N.A. what he wants, but Aelita tells him if they don't then their friends and the entire city will die from the cold. He relents and Aelita goes to Lyoko. She arrives in the Ice Sector and begins to head for the tower on the Overbike. On Earth, Ulrich's efforts to free Yumi are in vain and the latter stil remains stuck under the trunk. Slowly, she begins to fall asleep as Ulrich tries his best to keep her awake.

On Lyoko, Jeremie detects a swarm of Hornets on Aelita’s heels. She turns and sees that it is actually three Mantas that are following her, strangely because they left Sector Five for the first time. Aelita realizes that X.A.N.A. is getting stronger and stronger. The Mantas bombard Aelita with their flying mines and, in an attempt to avoid them and the Scyphozoa, she ends up falling to the ground. She looks up and the Scyphozoa begins moving towards her.

Odd then arrives inside the factory, practically frozen and nearly unconscious from the cold, collapsing to the ground. Jeremie places him in a scanner and sends him to Lyoko just in time to save Aelita. Meanwhile, Yumi is slowly losing consciousness as the temperature continues to drop. A desperate Ulrich holds onto her in an attempt to keep her awake, tearfully insisting that he needs her. After a difficult time, Odd finally manages to drop Aelita at the foot of the tower. After dropping her off, he turns to attack the monsters, only to end up devirtualized.

Aelita runs into the tower and enters the Lyoko code, stopping the drop in temperature. After the weather returns to normal, Ulrich checks on Yumi. However, she fails to respond to him and Ulrich can't hear her heart beat. When he can't contact Jeremie due to his dead phone battery, he cries in distress. Odd returns to the lab and orders Jeremie to immediately launch a return to the past to save Yumi. Jeremie does so, saving Yumi and the entire city just in time.

Starting the day again, the heroes don’t miss the opportunity to embarrass TV. When he disrespects Rosa, Odd silently encourages her to stand up to him. She then dumps a stack of meatballs on him, while the whole group laughs and Odd sarcastically suggests seconds.


  • The original French name for this episode is Guerre froide.
    • Both the English and French titles are a reference to the Cold War, a period of tension in the 20th century between the USSR and the US over domination of either of their ideologies. Interestingly, Code Lyoko's backstory is heavily rooted in the Cold War, though it is unrelated to this episode itself.
  • This was originally episode 47 chronologically during the scripting phase.[1]
  • Chronologically, this episode takes place after the events of both Temptation and A Bad Turn. However, it premiered before either.
  • The character named Michael who asks Jim for the temperature is based on a fan named Michael Cheng.[2][3][4] A casting contest was held in America for someone get themselves drawn as a Code Lyoko character, with him winning and appearing in this episode only.
  • Aelita drives the Overbike for the first time ever in this episode.
  • Yumi predicted in Attack of the Zombies that Jeremie would soon be able to virtualize the Lyoko Warriors directly on top of their vehicles. That becomes true here.
  • From this episode onwards, Mantas are able to leave Sector Five.
  • The X.A.N.A. attack in this episode has similarities to the Schoolhouse Blizzard, a sudden and powerful blizzard that overtook the US Plains on a relatively warm day in 1888. Many people were caught in the snow storm and very few survived, including children in one-room schoolhouses. It has not been confirmed whether the attack was inspired by the event or if it's merely a coincidence.



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