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The codes are system commands that are directly entered into Tower interfaces in order to interact with the Supercomputer's internal systems. Regularly-occurring codes are:

  • Code: LYOKO: Deactivates a Tower that has been activated.
  • Code: EARTH: Materialized Aelita when she didn't possess all of her memories. With some adjusting, it could materialize all of the Lyoko Warriors should something wrong happen to the regular materialization program.
  • Code: XANA: Gives X.A.N.A. control over all of the Tower's functions. With Way Towers, it can use them to destroy their corresponding sectors. If they are normal Towers, it could access their data and take control of any programs they currently use.

There is one other code that is exclusively used by Jeremie.

  • Scipio: Is used to transport the Lyoko Warriors into the Carthage. Jeremie types the code in the Supercomputer for it to activate.

Game Exclusive Codes

Social Game Exclusive Codes

All of these codes deactivate specific towers in the social game.

  • Mirror
  • Rorrim
  • Lyoko
  • Training
  • Desert
  • Sand
  • Heat
  • Carthage
  • Sun
  • Echo
  • Sissi

Be advised that this isn't a complete list, there are dozens others. The game is still being patched, so various minor codes are constantly being removed, added, modified, etc. As a result, the data is dynamic.