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We are currently editing 848 articles about Code Lyoko and its live action sequel series Code Lyoko Evolution, a story about a group of teenagers in an everlasting-battle to defeat an evil, sentient computer program inside a virtual world.

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    This show has 2 Wiki Sites for some reason. Here's a link to the 2nd one: 

    I found this site a few weeks ago and when I did, I was all like "What the hell is this?" 

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  • Niikkikikizelonss


    October 13, 2017 by Niikkikikizelonss

    Karai is one of Waldo Schaeffer creations that he created along with Lyoko until X.A.N.A. kidnapp him and refix karai as his Deadly Assassin and apprentices and becomes her fake false creation and father until season 3 or season 4 she ultimate betrays him to becomes human like Aelita Schaeffer and …

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    Help Puerto Rico

    September 24, 2017 by Deadcoder

    As many of you may know, Puerto Rico and several nearby islands have been devastated by Hurricane Maria. Many of them were already suffering damage from the previous Irma.

    • As of today, the entire island's power grid is offline.
    • While some places have generators, most do not have sufficient ones.
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