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We are currently editing 856 articles about Code Lyoko and its live action sequel series Code Lyoko Evolution, a story about a group of teenagers in an everlasting-battle to defeat an evil, sentient computer program inside a virtual world.


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Ultimate Mission

Is X.A.N.A. Finally Defeated?

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Laura Gauthier

The newest addition to the Lyoko Warriors, who may or may not stir things up…

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The Ninjas

Learn more about the new enemy of the Lyoko Warriors in Code Lyoko Evolution.

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Eddieblake Eddieblake 16 November 2019

Info in blogs moved

I've moved the information about fictional band Code: Earth to the CL fanfiction wiki. CL Reborn has also been moved there.

EDIT: The info for Mystic Zone and Psycho Tsunami have also been moved there.…

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Infinity Percival Infinity Percival 19 October 2017

Why does this show have 2 Wiki Sites?

Ok, some of you people probably may or may not know about this, but.....

This show has 2 Wiki Sites for some reason. Here's a link to the 2nd one: 

I found this site a few weeks ago and when I did, I was all like "What the hell is this?" 

Here are some details abo…

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Niikkikikizelonss Niikkikikizelonss 13 October 2017


Karai is one of Waldo Schaeffer creations that he created along with Lyoko until X.A.N.A. kidnapp him and refix karai as his Deadly Assassin and apprentices and becomes her fake false creation and father until season 3 or season 4 she ultimate betrays him to becomes human like Aelita Schaeffer and …

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