This is a list of the Staff Members on this wiki.


These are the owners and most powerful people on the wiki. They control who is a regular user, who is an admin, and who is a crat.

Name Title Specialty Status
User:Deadcoder B-crat Head Crat Active
User:Per Ankh B-crat Anti-Vandalism Active
User:Josep Maria Roca Peña B-crat International Opperations Active


These are the second-most powerful Users. This rank is given to those whom are trustworthy, and have made significant contributions. They have the power of a standard user, but with additional control over vandalism control and technical components.

Name Title Specialty Status
User:Brenster23 Admin Chat Opperations, enforcing category rules, and helping new users Active
User:Eddieblake Admin Currently None Active
User:Megazord Admin Editing X.A.N.A. Active
User:Infinity Percival Admin Currently None Active

Chat Moderators

Chat moderators are users who are capable of moderating the chatroom.

Name Title Status
User:ColonelDawid Chatmod Active
User:Dark Traveler Chatmod Active
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