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Code Lyoko: The Board Game (released in 2010 as Código Lyoko: El juego de mesa) is a Spanish-language tabletop game produced by toy company Simba. The Spanish company held the official Code Lyoko license at the time, and the original visual assets are employed, but the game displays several inaccuracies regarding the source material.

The game was never published in English. The title shown is a translation.


The object of the game is to guide the Lyoko Warriors in their search for Franz Hopper's diary, possession of which will enable them to destroy X.A.N.A.. They must search Lyoko's five Sectors, facing hazards and X.A.N.A.'s monsters along the way. A die is used to resolve combat and to brave obstacles, with each character having a set movement limit.

Differences from the Original Series[]

  • Franz Hopper's diary may be found hidden on Lyoko, divided into several pieces. In the series, it was found in the local train station on Earth.
  • Gathering the diary will allow for the release of an antivirus to destroy X.A.N.A., an ability it did not originally have, nor is X.A.N.A. technically a virus.
  • While the diary's search originally took place in Season 2, the Lyoko Warriors' Season 4 Avatars are used. This is more than a stylistic choice, as Aelita has her Wings available as a gameplay element.
  • Jeremie does not play a relevant role in the game.
  • The Lyoko Warriors have a maximum amount of 10 Life Points instead of 100.
  • Multiple returns to the past may occur during a single game.
  • Instead of a cross shape, Lyoko is represented by five concentric circles, which make up the board, each one depicting a Sector. The Ice Sector is connected to the Desert Sector, which is connected to the Forest Sector, which is connected to the Mountain Sector, with the latter in turn to Sector Five, with no other possible connections.
  • There is more than one passageway between said pairs of Sectors, and they do not seem to require the use of a Way Tower, as only a single Tower can be found in the entire game, in Sector Five. Said connections may even change, as an unexplained feature causes the circular Sectors to rotate and change their position relative to the others.
  • Supporting characters on Earth (such as Jim, Kiwi and other Kadic sudents) may be infected by X.A.N.A., but this infection occurs gradually and has the intended goal of putting the infected character out of commission.