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The Chimera Code was only seen in the game Quest for Infinity. Its primary function is to destroy Replikas. Aelita used this code to destroy the Desert and Ice Replikas after the Lyoko Warriors discovered them. An attempt was made to destroy the Mountain Replika as well, but the mission was aborted by Jeremie.

The code must be used in the main tower of the Replika in order to destroy it. In the other towers, it won't work and Aelita would use Code: Lyoko instead. It only destroys the Replika at hand, and not the Supercomputer in question, which means X.A.N.A. still controls it.

In the game, after destroying a Replika with the code, a strange energy mass was released. When the Desert Replika was destroyed, Ulrich tried and failed to pursue the mass, prompting Jeremie to design a "turbo" for the Nav Skids. Upon destroying the Ice Replika, the energy mass was successfully tracked to the Volcano Replika. Jeremie subsequently realized that the Chimera code failed to destroy the Supercomputers powering the Replikas, and consequently the code was never again utilized, as destroying a Replika without destroying its supercomputer allowed X.A.N.A. to link it to the Volcano Replika, strengthening it further. Translation was then developed as a means to destroy the supercomputer itself, rendering the code obsolete.


  • The code is possibly named after the Greek Chimera, a monster with the tail of a snake, body of a goat, head of a lion, and face of a man.

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