Christophe M'Bala introducing Aelita in Final Mix.

Christophe M'Bala is a French-African ninth grader at Kadic who can be seen in many episodes fleeing from a X.A.N.A. attack. Appears regularly since season 2. He wears a long sleeve yellow flannel with another green flannel short sleeve over and blue long pants, his hair is black and is wearing an orange hair sweatshirt. Christophe enjoys music, and can be seen listening to it most of the time. He integrates slang words into his speech in a very stereotypical way, though he hardly talks. He was in the cafeteria in "Attack of the Zombies", and was turned into a zombie.

He was music conductor at the party of episode 33 (The final mix). He speaks four times: once in episode 33 (Final Mix) where he presents Aelita as DJ, another in 61 (Sabotage) and another in 64 where he asks Jim if he was a photographer Guerra, also speaks in episode 72 (Intensive Course) when he plays ping pong with Mathias Burel. He was owned by XANA in episodes 54 and 91.


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