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Christophe Di Sabatino and Benoît Di Sabatino are of Italian descent and were the executive producers of Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution. They were the cofounders of Antefilms, and were the co-presidents of Moonscoop prior to the restructuring.


The Di Sabatino brothers were born on 30 August 1965 in Longwy, France to Doctor Roland Di Sabatino, and Marguerite Guillemoy. They have two brothers: Jacques and Henri.

Benoît Di Sabatino married Mylène Farmer, after meeting her in 2002, working on her video shoot for "C'est une belle journée". He has worked on several music videos. He was President of the Management Board of Carrere Group until his resignation on December 4, 2008.

Christophe Di Sabatino worked on the TV miniseries "In the Picture", and has two children: Ugo and Elisa.

Involvements in the Code Lyoko Franchise[]

Christophe Di Sabatino and Benoît Di Sabatino were the co-founders of Antefilms. Their first major success was "Air Academy". This was followed by "Funky Cops". At this time, they encountered the short film Les enfants, made by several Gobelins students. Based on this, they hired the students on to make Garage Kids. As a result, Christophe Di Sabatino and Eric Garnet were listed as the executive producers of Garage Kids, while Benoît Di Sabatino and Nicolas Atlan were listed as producers. Garage Kids reused the digital rotoscoping of Funky Cops in its 3D sequences, a technique that Code Lyoko continued until some time before Season 3.

Christophe Di Sabatino and Benoît Di Sabatino would become the co-executive producers of Code Lyoko, while Nicolas Atlan tended to work on other projects within Moonscoop. The Di Sabatino brothers would hold this title throughout all 4 seasons of the show, plus Code Lyoko Evolution.

Noteworthy Work Outside Of The Code Lyoko Franchise[]

The Di Sabatino brothers are credited in a number of productions, including Pet Alien, the 3D animated incarnation of Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch, Casper's Scare School, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, a number of minor works, some things in the Tara Duncan franchise, and The New Adventures of the Invisible Man.

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