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Christophe Caballero is a French-American voice actor who voiced Odd Della Robbia in the English dub of Code Lyoko for the first two episodes in Season 1 that were recorded. These episodes were recorded months before the rest of the season.[1] By the time Season 1 was officially picked up, Caballero was away singing in Japan and so he was replaced by Matthew Geczy.[2]

Some people believe that he gave a rather distinct Spanish accent to Odd's voice. He is a famous drag queen and is also credited under the name Christopher Caballero.

Role Filled[]

Role Form Seasons
Odd Della Robbia English Voice Season 1 (Teddygozilla, Log Book)

Noteworthy Non-Code Lyoko Roles[]

He was in productions of the following:

  • La Cage aux Folles "The Birdcage"
  • Beauty and the Beast

Picture of Role:[]


  1. Reply from Sharon Mann: "I don't know when we recorded that episode but it sounds like it was one we did before we landed the series. [...] When we came back to the series after a few months [...]" Lyoko Freak. January 6, 2006.
  2. Reply from Barbara Weber-Scaff: "I remember that it was at a studio way out in the suburbs, where we luckliy never had to return to! i also remember that Odd was played by Chris [Caballero], and Sissy by the lovely Christine Flowers. They both had to leave the series when they couldn't be in Paris for different professional reasons...Chris went to sing in japan, as I recall!". February 7, 2006.

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