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Christine Flowers, from her linkedin page

Christine Flowers (born July 1, 1960 in Cape Fear, North Carolina) is an American singer/actress who voiced Sissi for the first few episodes recorded for Season 1.

Unlike Christophe Caballero, Flowers initially signed onto the series and was present for the first three days of recording.[1] Due to prior commitments, she ultimately left the series and was replaced by her friend Jodi Forrest.[2][3]

Role Form Seasons
Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas English Voice Season 1 (Teddygozilla, Log Book, End of Take, Satellite)

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  2. Reply from Barbara Weber-Scaff: "[...] i also remember that Odd was played by Chris [Caballero], and Sissy by the lovely Christine Flowers. They both had to leave the series when they couldn't be in Paris for different professional reasons... [...]. February 7, 2006.
  3. Reply from Jodi Forrest: "I auditioned for Aelita, Ulrich, and Odd, but didn't get anything. Christine Flowers (a good friend) was cast as Sissi, but she was unavailable after a few episodes so I was called in to replace her." March 19, 2006.