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Chris drumming

Chris Morales is the drummer in the band, the Subdigitals, and the nephew of Jim Morales.

Chris made his first appearance in Opening Act when he came to Kadic looking for fresh new talent to use as the Subdigitals' opening act.

Chris was disappointed when he found all the students in the auditions are not talented. He heard Aelita's demo mix, and believed she is the talent he is looking for, but he can't find her. He is dragged into a fight with one of X.A.N.A.'s Polymorphic Specters (imitating himself), fights besides Jim, and helped the Lyoko Warriors before his memory was erased by a Return to the Past. Jeremie handed him Aelita's mix personally and tells him where to find her.

Chris next appeared in Crash Course, where he judged the finalists with the other members of the Subdigitals.

His last appearance was in Music to Soothe the Savage Beast, where he performed at the concert after the opening act performed by Aelita. After that, no mention is ever made of him or his relation to Jim again. Since Chris and Jim are of a similar age it is likely that Jim's sibling is much older than him.

Chris later appeared in picture form in Code Lyoko Evolution, when Aelita was looking for her mom online.

X.A.N.A. Chris

Premiere partie 163

The specter counterpart of Chris, X.A.N.A. Chris, only appeared once in Opening Act. This specter didn't even try to be secretive. He didn't bother giving an excuse to Milly or Tamiya, when they saw him carrying Aelita. X.A.N.A. Chris turned into Jim, and fought the real Jim and the real Chris.

X.A.N.A. Chris was disabled by Aelita immediately after she deactivated the tower in the Forest Sector.


  • Chris seems to be a key member of the Subdigitals as he says the record company will come down on him if he cannot find new talent.
  • Chris calls Jim "Uncle Jim".
  • Chris' pants look exactly like the one Ulrich wears for gym class, albeit the former has a chain on his pants.
  • He shows authority in the decisions of the group, as shown in Crash Course.
  • According to Chris, the record label made them change their name.
  • In the French version of Code Lyoko, his voice is provided by Bruno Mullenaerts.