She's the one in the middle. She's not normally a zombie.

Caroline Savorani is a student in the same class as Yumi. She wears a long sleeve blouse with a light pink garment inside and long black pants. She has brown hair. She and Maïtena Lecuyer made fun of Sissi in "Zero Gravity Zone".

She speaks in "Ghost Channel" when she says "present" when Mrs. Hertz is doing assistance. However, she wasn't seen then. This also occurred with Jim in "The Secret".

She is seen as a cheerleader in "X.A.N.A. Awakens". She was turned into a Zombie in "Attack of the Zombies". She was possessed in "Lyoko Minus One" along with the rest of his classmates except Yumi and William. She was also affected in "Bad Connection".


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