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Can You Keep a Secret? is a Code Lyoko fan game made in RPG Maker MV by an American fan named Rebecca Sternberg (known on the internet as Xanthos and variations thereof, AwesomeFanFictionAuthor, and aelitaslittlereminders.) The game started development in mid-2019 and has seen steady development since.

The game play consists of exploration, puzzles, and a battle system. The tone is a mixture of comedy and dark undertones. Using the PageUp button the player is able to switch between playing as Jeremie Belpois, Aelita Schaeffer, Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich Stern, and Yumi Ishiyama. The player can trigger different dialogue and interactions with the world depending on which character they play as.


As of now, the only version of the game available is a beta for both Mac and Windows. The beta consists of the first two sections of the game, the Hermitage and Kadic. The player finds themselves locked inside the Hermitage and must escape. Once the player escapes, they are free to explore Kadic and power up until they can defeat the Kadic Abomination, a giant overpowered spectre blocking the sewer entrance to the factory.

The beta can be found on[1]

Future of the Game[]

The developer is working slowly and steadily on the game, but there is no telling when the full version will be available. There are progress updates on the rpgmaker profile[2] as well as on the game's official twitter @CYKASgame username Can You Keep A Secret?


As the title might suggest, secrets are a big part of this game. The developer encourages players to seek out secrets for themselves before reading this section. As development continues, this section will list the most significant, interesting, or funny secrets.