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Routine - A Bug detected

A bug occured in Odd's virtualization.

Bugs are systematic errors caused by a drop in the supercomputer's calculating capacity. Bugs can affect what is in the real world and in Lyoko as well.

In Laughing Fit, Odd's avatar was bugged up after possessed laughing gas entered the scanner and merged with his virtual form. The bug caused him to become weaker and weaker until he was unable to move when he and Aelita got lost in the labyrinth.

In Common Interest, supercomputer's nuclear battery was low on its power, causing the Superscan to bug up and reset itself constantly.

In Is Anybody Out There?, X.A.N.A. bugged the Superscan so the Lyoko Warriors couldn't localize the activated tower. The same occured in False Lead, but this time X.A.N.A. bugged the Superscan so the Lyoko Warriors would go to Lyoko to trap them there.

In Sabotage, X.A.N.A. possessed Michael Rouiler, and had him badly fry several the memory boards which dangerously bugged the supercomputer, and nearly lead to it's destruction as the damage kept spreading onto other memory boards. The bugs caused Lyoko Warriors to become glitchy and even froze them in one place and their weapons were also glitched (like Aelita's Energy Fields couldn't destroy a Tarantula). The monsters were also affected by the bugs as pointed out by Aelita.

In Double Trouble, Jeremie Clone tricked Yumi, Odd and Aelita to go the Sector Five as he "found" a direct way to virtualize them them, pretending to be real Jeremie. When it turned out that X.A.N.A. made an attack he took Jeremie's place in the lab and sent Odd, Yumi and Aelita the Mountain Sector "to deactivate the tower" but he sent them near the Way Tower instead and bugged up Odd's and Yumi's avatars so they couldn't stop Scyphozoa from possessing Aelita. The bugs made them immune to monsters' lasers but their weapons couldn't destroy them either.

In Hard Luck, Odd becomes glitched with a mysterious bug, and slowly but surely it transfers to the other warriors, devirtualizing them one by one. Bugs also cause the Lyoko Warriors to freeze in place and/or effects their powers.