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Bruno regeste

Bruno Regeste is a French scriptwriter. He was one of the writers for "Code Lyoko" and "Code Lyoko Evolution". He was the head writer for Season 4, replacing Sophie Decroisette. He is affiliated with Agence Kamaji. He currently works under Divers Producteurs in France.

Early Life[]

Bruno Regeste was born in 1964. He attended Gobelins, a school for animated works in France. This was the same school Sophie Decroisette, Tania Palumbo and Thomas Romain attended.

Code Lyoko Work[]

Bruno Regeste served as the head writer for Season 4, replacing Sophie Decroisette who stepped down as she was expecting her second child at the time. He also worked on several individual episodes. He may have been the basis of the character model of Peter Duncan.

He either wrote or co-wrote the following episodes:

Code Lyoko Evolution[]

Noteworthy Non-Code Lyoko Work[]


  • Heidi (2015 Reboot)
  • Sherlock Yack: Zoo-Detective
  • Lulu Vroumette
  • My Giant Friend
  • Les nouvelles aventures de l'homme invisible
  • Flatmania
  • Walter Melon
  • Jason and the Heroes of Mount Olympus

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