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The Boiler Room is a room in Kadic Academy. It contains massive water heating equipment and two doors. The first door leads to a hallway, and the other red door goes to the sewers.


During the construction of Kadic, a construction worker named Leon Corbet died on the site. While it is unknown if he died in the Boiler Room, Sissi used this room 100 years later as a location for a seance to let Corbet rest in peace. She did this after finding out about it in a newspaper in the episode "Is Anybody Out There?".

Throughout Season 1, the Lyoko Warriors would often use the red door to access the sewers through a dirt tunnel. Later in the seasons it was used very rarely and in Fight to the Finish the red door was discovered closed for the first time.

During the events of "Cold War", Jim took students and a local TV crew to the Boiler Room so they could survive a freak snowstorm. Mrs. Hertz did similar actions in the Science Building.

Despite being a basement full of metal, cell phones work remarkably well in the Boiler Room; as shown by Mr. Delmas's call to Mrs. Hertz in "Cold War".


  • The boiler room is confirmed to be actually haunted at the end of "Is Anybody Out There?", as a ghostly moan is heard, followed by the boiler room door closing on its own.
  • The red door to the sewers is locked for the first time in "Fight to the Finish" and presumably remains locked, given that passage is never used again during the sequel series, Code Lyoko Evolution.