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The Boiler Room is a room in Kadic Academy. It contains massive water heating equipment, and two doors. The first door leads to a hallway, and the other red door goes to the sewers.


During the construction of Kadic, a construction worker named Leon Corbet died on the site. While it is unknown if he died in the Boiler Room, Sissi used this room 100 years later as a location for a seance to let Corbet rest in peace. She did this after finding out about it in a newspaper in the episode "Is Anybody Out There?".

Throughout Season 1, the Lyoko Warriors would often use the red door to access the sewers through a dirt tunnel.

During the events of "Cold War", Jim took students and a local TV crew to the Boiler Room so they could survive a freak snow storm. Mrs. Hertz did similar actions in the Science Building.

Despite being a basement full of metal, cell phones work remarkably well in the Boiler Room; as shown by Mr. Delmas's call to Mrs. Hertz in "Cold War".

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