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Wall of Bloks

The Blok Wall

The Blok Wall is the Blok's greatest programming feature. It's a 11×11 stack of Bloks on top of other Bloks that forms a very high, defensive wall. Also, it allows all Bloks to shoot a powerful fire beam at the Lyoko Warriors. Each blast is 100AP, espically the backlash. The Bloks shuffle after each shot, or to aim at a target, which isn't in front of them.

To stop it, a Lyoko Warrior would have to hit a weakspot, the one Blok that different from all the other Bloks (the "Master Blok"). It seemed impossible since there had been 121 Bloks. Only one person has ever defeated the Blok Wall so far: Odd Della Robbia.


  • This was first shown in Count-down.
  • If each Blok were to combine their energy from either their fire ring ability of the laser into one blast, it would mean that the blast would be a maximum of 3025AP and a minimum of 1100AP.
  • Aelita's Energy Shield can stop the blast.
  • William and Yumi were the only ones devirtualized by the blast.
    • Technically, Yumi was only hit by the backlash.
  • This is possibly the strongest program X.A.N.A. has ever made in Lyoko.
  • Odd is the only one who defeated the wall.