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The only thing stupider than a Blok, are two Bloks.

Odd in Marabounta

Bloks are the most common of X.A.N.A.'s monsters, serving an apparent general-purpose job in X.A.N.A's forces due to their middling attributes. The Blok alone, like most monsters, is not a match for a Lyoko Warrior, beside having only 50 HP (still enough to survive a single Lyoko Warrior attack), their weak spot, the Eye of X.A.N.A., is on all four sides of its main body. This, however, gives them a tactical advantage, in that the Blok can spot anything moving at it from a horizontal plane, preventing sneak attacks unless the Lyoko Warrior gets on top. The Blok is capable of rotating its main body separately from its legs, and can do so extremely fast to lock on to enemies it spots. Bloks are also capable of walking on many inaccessible surfaces like vertical planes as shown in Killer Music. Despite this, Bloks have one weakness: if they are knocked off the ground and land on their side or upside down, they will no longer be able to move.

Bloks have three attacks. The first attack, and by far the most common, is the laser, which while doing fairly low damage (15 attack points) can be fired fairly quickly, unlike the Kankrelat's laser. Their secondary attack is a Freeze Spray which freezes anything that comes into contact with it (even other monsters if they are caught in the crossfire) and Ulrich is the only person to have ever been completely frozen by the freeze ray. The most powerful attack is the Fire Ring, which the Blok seems to only use rarely and does 25 attack points of damage.

Three of the Eyes of X.A.N.A. on the Blok seem to possess the three separate attacks. The last remaining Eye is the Blok's apparent center of control, and their weakness. This fact questions how the Lyoko Warriors know which Eye to hit to destroy the Blok.

In Code Lyoko Evolution, Bloks can form a Blok Wall by stacking on top of each other, forming a 11x11 wall. This makes it difficult for the Lyoko Warriors since their combined Laser does 100AP causing an instant devirtualization and a shockwave that stunts the surviving victim.

The Blok seems to be fairly intelligent, seeing as how it employs tactics in battle. These include popping up from the ground, attempting to cut off Aelita's retreat while alone in the Forest Sector, and using the Freeze Spray to prevent Ulrich's movement in Season 1.


  • In The Girl of the Dreams, Odd stated that Bloks are his favorite monsters. This is probably due to its weak eye being in the middle of its face.
  • They are never seen in Sector Five.
  • They seem to appear in the Ice Sector more often.
  • In Ghost Channel, after the Simulation Bubble was destroyed, there were dozens of bloks left over. It's possible that they were the AI programs within the bubble. This suggests that they are more intelligent than most of X.A.N.A's monsters.
  • It's likely the Bloks are the most often monsters due to the above mentioned and the Blok Wall.
  • Like Krabs, Bloks can climb uneven surfaces.
  • Bloks can virtualize by burrowing out of the ground.
  • In Rendezvous, William is actually able to kick a Blok off of the ground, suggesting they are not as heavy as their stone-like design suggests.


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