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Eddieblake Eddieblake 16 November 2019

Info in blogs moved

I've moved the information about fictional band Code: Earth to the CL fanfiction wiki. CL Reborn has also been moved there.

EDIT: The info for Mystic Zone and Psycho Tsunami have also been moved there.

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Infinity Percival Infinity Percival 19 October 2017

Why does this show have 2 Wiki Sites?

Ok, some of you people probably may or may not know about this, but.....

This show has 2 Wiki Sites for some reason. Here's a link to the 2nd one: 

I found this site a few weeks ago and when I did, I was all like "What the hell is this?" 

Here are some details about it that I know of: 

  1. There is hardly any activity on it (recently, about four days ago, someone made an edit on Aelita's page, but prior to that, no one has made an edit since last month). 
  2. It doesn't even come close to having half of the pages we have on this Wiki (over here we currently have about 795 pages when the other version has only 158). 
  3. It doesn't have pages for all the episodes like "New Order," "Cold War," "The Lake," "Music to Soothe…
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Niikkikikizelonss Niikkikikizelonss 13 October 2017


Karai is one of Waldo Schaeffer creations that he created along with Lyoko until X.A.N.A. kidnapp him and refix karai as his Deadly Assassin and apprentices and becomes her fake false creation and father until season 3 or season 4 she ultimate betrays him to becomes human like Aelita Schaeffer and live in the real world like her.

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 24 September 2017

Help Puerto Rico

As many of you may know, Puerto Rico and several nearby islands have been devastated by Hurricane Maria. Many of them were already suffering damage from the previous Irma.

  • As of today, the entire island's power grid is offline.
  • While some places have generators, most do not have sufficient ones.
  • Flooding has rendered several towns unacceunssable.
  • It is estimated that they will not be able to get power to hospitals for several weeks.

Puerto Rico has limited supplies of food, sanitary water, medical products, sanitary products, and batteries. While the island did have some ability to develop these things; between flooding, massive wind damage, and loss of power; Puerto Rico's stocks have been mostly lost along with their manufacturing capabilitie…

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Hello Code Lyoko wikia members

Hello so my name is, haha I know right I made my username that of a website, anyways I am Anthony Trey Hamby, I am 18 and may not have alot to give to this activity, but I am mature enough to accept opinions and if I get inproper grammer or info done, I have Aspergers so blablabla. I have an account on a site I go on and you wont believe what Muse I am on it if you have answers why I dont talk on it as much, I am at the moment keeping accounts stay active and make girls well feel loved, I promise you'll love it there, I do my best to change the website by my generous and caring actions so...have fun there and anywhooo I am glad to be here and hope your day is doing well.

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 4 July 2017

Deadcoder's Reviews: Marabounta

I have returned. Some of you have probably thought that I have abandoned this blog. Well, I haven't. I just have actual stuff to do. I work on this wiki, I'm employed full time, and I maintain a McMansion that we live in because my mom designed the house with no concept of maintainability. To celebrate the absurdity that is real life, let's celebrate the absurdity that is Marabounta. This will be rated on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being Betty White's sex tape, and 10 being Diego Mestanza's. I'm pretty sure Diego's doesn't, because I would have found it by now if it did.

This has Bruno Regeste. That means it will look pretty but have shitty actual plot. Oh wait, Sophie Decroisette is here! That means the writing will actually be good!

We sta…

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Kaiged phoenix Kaiged phoenix 16 June 2017


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TylerHammerofficial TylerHammerofficial 28 May 2017

TylerHammerofficial Reviews

Code Lyoko Evolution was a desperate attempt to make money due to the lack of creative ability by MoonScoop, who in the long-run lost their rights and went bankrupt all because they didn't feel like reading reviews. Let's say this as nice as possible "could've used your head". The Business part of this shouldn't even begin to describe how this show actually was. Let's dive into detail.

Code Lyoko Evolution was a decently good show... in CGI terms, besides making Odd look like a 5th grader and Yumi like Dora the Explorer. Point is, the rest of it was absolutely terrible. There was barely any call-back to the original show, as if the writers and producers said "Fuck this, forget any connections and really everything that ocurred in Season(s) 1-4,…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 16 April 2017

Changing chat platforms

As most of you are aware, our chat system has its problems. Our chat system is prone to network problems, is known to fail when used with Chrome Data Saver, has issues on mobile devices, has so many missing features, we've had to deploy a bunch of custom features, has no logging, and has questionable security.

However, we've turned a blind eye on these matters. But now, new details has emerged. Many wikis have been using Discord as their chat system rather than Wikia's native chat system. This system meets our requirements. Additionally, there are suspicions that Wikia might stop officially supporting Chat, and leave it as an unsupported-but-not-removed feature, like Special:TagsReport.

With that in mind, I am proposing that this wiki, the E…

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IrisIsBestPrincess IrisIsBestPrincess 21 August 2016


I will be leaving this wiki for good.

I have unfollowed every page I followed from this wiki, to stop getting emails.

Admins, please block me. I will never return.


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Deadcoder Deadcoder 16 July 2016

Deadcoder's Reviews: Lyoko Minus One

I'm back and I'm fabulous! Some of you may wonder where I've been over the last 6 months. I've been going to college full time and working a full time job and occasionally writing stuff on Fandom. I'm glad to finally have time for another review, so let's kill the joy with Lyoko Minus One!

Yay! This one has Laurent Turner! That means the writing won't suck! We start with Ulrich waking up to an Alarm Clock, with Odd missing, actually up in the morning. Minus one point for OOC! Ulrich then goes to Jeremie's room, seeing him having fallen asleep at the computer. He wakes up Jeremie by shipping Odlita, which works.

My thoughts on this: Hee hee, implied incest "they're allegedly cousins". 1 point to Laurent Turner for finding even more things for…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 18 June 2016

The Changing State Of Twitter Feeds

As many of you may know, Twitter recently rolled out a new system for embedded timelines: This is complicated by the fact that this wiki uses a custom Twitter feed system, rather than the one provided by Wikia. This is because the version Wikia provides violated some of our security policies, and Wikia refused to fix issues that were reported.

The good news is this: Twitter's old embedded feed system will still work. The bad news is that we don't know how long it will continue to work. With that in mind, I have come up with a plan to handle this issue. In the next few months, we will be rolling out a new system for Twitter Feeds, updating all feeds, and retirin…

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The Xanana The Xanana 26 February 2016

Code Lyoko; A Franchise in Review.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Prologue and Season 1-The wasteland of filler but with glimpses of awesome
    • 2.1 Introductory arc
      • 2.1.1 Character usage/Development
      • 2.1.2 Plot/Continuity development
      • 2.1.3 Animation, Sound, Dubbing, ect
    • 2.2 Lyoko Adventures arc
      • 2.2.1 Character usage/development
      • 2.2.2 Plot/Continuity development
      • 2.2.3 Animation, Sound, Dubbing, ect.
    • 2.3 Materialization Arc
      • 2.3.1 Character usage/development
      • 2.3.2 Plot/Continuity development
      • 2.3.3 Animation, Sound, Dubbing, ect.
      • 2.3.4 Final thoughts of the season
  • 3 Season 2-Bipolar between plot and filler
    • 3.1 Hermitage/New Sector arc
      • 3.1.1 Character Usage/Development
      • 3.1.2 Plot/Continuity development
      • 3.1.3 Animation, Sound, Dubbing, Ect.
        • Overall for the arc and New vs Old
    • 3.2 Franz Hopper arc
      • 3.2.1 Charater usage/development
      • 3.2.2 P…
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Deadcoder Deadcoder 3 January 2016

Deadcoder's Reviews: Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity

At the request of some random person, I have decided to review Code Lyoko: Quest For Infinity, the most halfassedly named game of the franchise. This review will be updated in installments, so check back as more parts are played through. I'll be playing the Wii NTSC version, and will rate this game in the usual manner. Well, let's get this running.

  • 1 Part 0
  • 2 Part 1
  • 3 Part 2
  • 4 Part 3
  • 5 Part 4
  • 6 Part 5
  • 7 Part 6
  • 8 Part 7
  • 9 Part 8
  • 10 Part 9
  • 11 Part 10
  • 12 Part 11
  • 13 Part 12
  • 14 Part 13
  • 15 Part 14
  • 16 Part 15
  • 17 Part 16
  • 18 Part 17
  • 19 Review Summary
    • 19.1 Graphics
    • 19.2 Storytelling
    • 19.3 Replay value
  • 20 Overall Review

We start out in the schoolyard, with the same boring talking head system we had in Get Ready To Virtualize, but without the interactive maps or interesting storytelling. ugg. Again…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 22 December 2015

Deadcoder's Reviews: William Returns

Right now, I have 3 review requests in the pipeline: William Returns, Final Round, and Double Trouble. Last time, I reviewed Echoes, the worst kind of low budget episode. With that in mind, I decided to review the best kind of budget episode in this review, and review William Returns for contrast. This review will have the usual 0 to 10, but it will also have some analysis of the show's overall production.

In the tv and movie industry, sometimes an episode takes up more than an average budget, like for additional actors, or expensive effects, or other issues. However, the overall maximum budget remains. As a result, other things need to be made on the lowest budget possible. This is where clipshows come from, with the idea being to lower co…

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Jeydo Jeydo 26 November 2015

Countdown of days hoping for a Code Lyoko Evolution renewal

Hopefully it happens before 21 Nov 2016 - because then it's hard to have time to get anything done after that point (wife's birthday, Christmas, traveling, anniversary, New Years, her family birthdays, etc). I sent prayers out & plan to submit my voice for one of the English adaptitions. This is my daily reminder to pray each day for a continuation of the series, plan small work on the wikis & things I want to edit next. Stay motivated! :)

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Jeydo Jeydo 18 November 2015

How can you check who add/removes videos?!

I just added a video with lyrics for "A World Without Danger" with the 1st version sung by Subdigitals in English. Yet it was recently removed, so: Was it listed somewhere else?! This was a alternate verision from the one sung by Noam Kaniel. Please explain, thanks! Jeydo (talk) 03:16, November 18, 2015 (UTC)

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Jeydo Jeydo 17 November 2015

Favorite Lyoko Song

Mine is Break Away , the song that plays at the end of each episode. Either language is fine, but best part is when they're skating down Park Avenue. I just realized it had lyrics this year when I did some research, which is why I enjoy it that much more! Jeydo (talk)

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 26 September 2015

Deadcoder's Reviews: Echoes

Well, let's get this crap overwith. Here's a review of the worst episode of all of Code Lyoko: Echoes. I'd say "enjoy", but this episode has the entertainment value of hemorrhoids. Blah Blah Blah, 0 to 10, cheap shot at melanie tran.

Before we review the episode itself, here's how I think this episode was made:

Writers room at Moonscoop: the wallpaper is peeling. The writers and storyboarders are at a table with store-brand soda.
Bruno Regeste: Hello everyone. I just got word from Mouscadet. Moonscoop is buying Luxanimation. This means our budget is getting shot like an Argentinian government. We're going to have to make 26 episodes instead of 30 for the last season.
Sophie Decroisette: But we've already scripted everything except the last 7! …

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Pearlgarden Pearlgarden 14 September 2015

Jeremy's and Aelitas Journal

Hey Guys. I told Eddide if we can have a Journal about Jeremy and Aelita. Meaning they will be writing about what has happened so far in their pasts and their love toward each other. If anyway wants to help pls join. Cause i feel like this idea can well you know. :). Anyone pls comment to give us ideas for their journals. This could be more u know. I can't explain it but I hope you guys can catch on. :). Ty and have a great day :)

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 10 August 2015

Potentially Changing Hosts

As most of you may know, Wikia has had several security incidents over the last few weeks. All of these issues were easily preventable, but happened because of Wikia's negligent security policies.

The Dev wiki attack happened because they didn't restrict editing codepages by default. The attack that happened this weekend caused several account passwords to be leaked. Because of this, as both Head Crat and as our Technical Officer, I advise all users to change their passwords immediately.

On a more long term point, Wikia has consistently failed to properly work for the safety of us, the users. We have had incidents where product support was bad. Requests for improvements have been put aside for annoying graphical changes. Because of these thi…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 3 August 2015

Deadcoder's reviews: Code: Earth and False Start

Code: Earth and False Start are separate episodes, with different teams of writers and storyboarders. Consequently, I will rate them separately. However, the episodes are so intertwined, I'm kind of forced to review them together. They will receive individual ratings from 0 to 10, with 0 being the dialog quality in "Skyland" and 10 being the art quality in "Skyland".

  • 1 Code: Earth Review
  • 2 Code Earth Review Summary
  • 3 False Start Review
  • 4 False Start Review Summary

The episode starts with another late night, with Jeremie on "Plan Alpha". Given how often Jeremie's work fails; I think that he's gone through so many failed plans, he ran out of Latin and Cyrillic characters, and broke into the Greek character set. We the viewer hope that he succeeds for…

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Minipixie Minipixie 24 July 2015

Is Code Lyoko the best cartoon ever created?

You are here because of Code Lyoko. You actually can't be here because of Frozen or Epic, right?

I think Code Lyoko is the best cartoon ever because it has a common plot with a very different style. The best thing is that Lyoko warriors aren't there by accident. They had to be there because one family really needed help. They still need help, Anthea needs it. Waldo (also known as Franz) is dead, and Aelita could save him, but she did it in a harder way. She could keep him alive and unblock the complex situation in Code Lyoko: Evolution.


Write in comments your opinion about Code Lyoko, is it your best cartoon and how could Code Lyoko end and actually be. What if Yumi didn't fall in Digital Sea and Jeremie didn't have to use his materia…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 10 July 2015

Deadcoder's Reviews: Lost at Sea

Thanks to some personal matters, this week has been extremely depressing for me. Consequently, so I felt like watching something depressing. And what could be better than one of the most depressing episodes of Code Lyoko, a show that routinely shows a 12 year old committing suicide? This episode will be graded from 0 to 10, where 10 would be David Carayon promising to retire, and 0 being the same from Sophie Decroisette.

The titlecard says we have some guest writers, which means the episode will be interesting filler "because the guest writers generally made the interesting episodes that weren't Laurent Turner, and only Bruno Regeste and Sophie Decroisette were allowed to actually work on the plot", and we have Paul Beneteau and Alain le Do…

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Supershemy Supershemy 28 June 2015

The Return

Ok this blog is about 2 things:

My return

AND The Possible Return Of ..........................Code Lyoko Evoluton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I don't kno if its true bcuz I cant rely on what i'v only heard and I still dnt believe.

Ok here is something that I picked up.

IF CLE shoul start again the most obvious and most possible spoiler is Laura virtualizing herself on Lyoko and being Xanafied just like William in Season 4.An

And it is also possible that up to 4 new sectors including the volcano sector will be found.

I"m not sure if its true. Its just what I heard.  So I want u guys to help me figure out the truth behind this ok?

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NanaSakuraChan NanaSakuraChan 15 May 2015


This is my 1st post so ya. Anyone have a favorite crossover? My fave is Lyokoloids!!

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 9 May 2015

Deadcoder's Reviews: Is anybody out there?

When you truly love something or someone, you don't deny their flaws. That would be loving a fantasy, not the true thing or person. True love involves knowing all of the flaws present in something or someone, and love without denial. I love Code Lyoko, but when I saw this episode, I HATED IT. It was boring and went nowhere slowly. But I love Code Lyoko, so I wanted to give this episode a second chance, so I'm reviewing "Is Anybody Out There?"

Right at the beginning, we can tell this episode will be filler. It's made by Jean-Rémi François and Bruno Merle; so we know this will be filler. There's nothing wrong with filler. Jeri Ryan is mostly filler, and she's wonderful, so I'm going into this with hope. We start with Sissi reading the Kadic g…

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Ellis99 Ellis99 4 May 2015


As Code Lyoko Answers has no active user with user rights, I'm calling for someone to take control (preferably a user/users who has user rights) and update the wiki and make it more of a sister wiki than an affiliate.

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Cronus 300 Cronus 300 26 March 2015


The year is 2009, and our heroes are finally graduating. But strange events start to unfold around Kadic after a certain pink haired girl wakes up from a mysterious dream that would lead her to discover a strange secret behind her parents past. Meanwhile several new students enroll in Kadic and befriend our heroes who they find very interesting although some of them strange; but will our heroes, along with the help of their new allies be able to face the ultimate danger that lies ahead, or will they perish as they face the new dawn?

note: This is my first fanfic so if anyone has any ideas just leave some comments.

In the beginning, there was darkness and destruction. Then came the twenty crystals. Objects of immense and incredible power belie…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 20 March 2015

Deadcoder's Reviews: Saint Valentine's Day

Many people have an episode they like, even though it's hated by the general population. This is true of everyone in the Code Lyoko fandom, and most fandoms in general "for Star Trek, these people are called niners." Many people think that "Saint Valentine's Day" was kind of stupid, but I loved it, and remember the very first time I saw it "I was in elementary school, and I'm in college now." Is the episode silly? Yes, but I love it anyway. So I may be biased, but I will do my best to review Saint Valentine's Day.

Right off the bat, we can tell the episode is going to be interesting, because it's written by Laurent Turner. For those who aren't obsessive and lonely, Laurent Turner wrote a reasonable number of episodes, which tended to break …

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 22 February 2015

Deacoder's Reviews: The Key

I'm really depressed because I think I'm going to fail statistics. Since I'm between assignments and in despair, I decided to review a really depressing episode. In that vein, I give you a review of "The Key".

This episode is obviously interesting for two reasons: 1 the tower in the titlecard isn't red, and 2, the writers are Bruno Regeste and Sophie Decroisette, the two head writers, so you know this episode is critical to the storyline. The episode starts with everyone except Jeremie arriving in the lab, to see Jeremie, who marathoned "Franz Hopper's Diary". Jeremie's line "I spent the whole night reading Franz Hopper's diary" sounds like something a fanfic reader would say. We get infodumping from Waldo Schaeffer, as he explains why he m…

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Gamecool 01 Gamecool 01 26 January 2015

Now that' sweat I call nostalgia!

There is absolutely no way to describe the amount of nostalgia I'm getting from running into this place from googling myself.

Two years. Two years... I was 12.. in 6th at the time... Everything seemed much simpler back then. Now it's all mainstream music and TV shows and... God knows what the hell that is.

Anyways, how has everyone been? Who's left? Am I simply talking to myself again? Perhaps. But if there still a living soul here in this aging encyclopedia, please comment.

This is where my love of community first began. Without the people I've met here, I would have never taken the initiative I would have to take to meet new friends online.

It was loads of fun editing the wiki and helping it grow. Adding pictures from episodes was probably my f…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 11 January 2015

Deadcoder's Reviews: X.A.N.A.'s Kiss

One of the main reasons that Code Lyoko succeeded was because of a good cast, and good resulting character drama. It would make sense in theory to build an episode around a strength of the series, which is how X.A.N.A.'s Kiss came to be. Theory and reality can vary though. This review will evaluate that, as part of User:Alex531's request for this episode, which I am doing as a farewell gift to our wiki's former leader.

X.A.N.A.'s Kiss starts off with Jeremie, Odd, and Ulrich walking down the dorm hall, with obvious bulging from Ulrich. This episode has about as much subtlety as Chernobyl, but it's decent enough to warn you in a pleasurable way. I give the episode +1 point, because manners matter. They're talking about the list of girls that…

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Brenster23 Brenster23 6 January 2015

Head Crat Election

I, brenster23, as one of the Administrators who is not running for election, I shall be administrating the head crat election.

As of the writing of this post, the following people are running for the roll of head crat. 

  • Deadcoder
  • Eddieblake Eddieblake was not nominated by the deadline so unfortunately he is ineligible to run. 
  • Josep Maria Roca Peña
  • William Dunbar, (the admin, not the character)

the following nominations will not be counted since they missed the deadline Eddieblake, and Alexthurmanodddellarobbia.


This election will end on January 17th, 2015. The election shall end on the 19th instead of the 17th, to make up for reseting the poll. 

Have fun and don't for…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 25 December 2014

Head Crat Election

Today, User:Alex531 resigned as head crat. He has been trying to have me take the position for some time. As a result of this decision: Thread:40952. I am now acting head crat of this wiki.

Due to the regime changeover to a temporary leader, we must elect a new head crat. From now until January 1st, 2015; I will take nominations for head crat. All eligible nominees must be active within the last 6 months; be a chatmod, crat, or admin; and willing to take the position. To nominate a candidate, name them in the comments of this blog.

When the nominees have been determined, I will administer an election, unless I am nominated, in which case, I will rely on a third party to administer the election.

Since I was nominated, I was forced to find a th…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 23 December 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: A Bad Turn

Throughout Code Lyoko, especially in the earlier seasons, Aelita was a poorly used character in many ways. Yes, she could warp her reality to her whims, but she relied on an idiot, stereotypical introverted German, Token minority domestic abuser, and a french engineer to keep from getting killed. She was completely insane, but everyone saw it as minor breakfast conversation. Many viewers, including me, thought "Oh my god Aelita, you are useless." So when this episode first came out, it was loved by many despite its problems, because it addressed the problems of the show. At the same time, it was one of the rare cases where XANA recycled and updated an attack. Sebastien Viaud seemed to be screaming "You can do better" in this script. It's n…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 15 December 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: Temporary Insanity

8 years ago, when I first saw "Temporary Insanity," I thought "This episode is so stupid and annoying, even the characters hate it." However, since that time, there has been a lot more. We've had several seasons, including the cinematic failure of Code Lyoko Evolution. So I have been forced to look back and say, "yes the episode is silly, but is it really that horrible?" I will be as open-minded as possible, as I rate this episode on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being a shirtless scene with Diego Mestanza, and zero being a shirtless scene with Jim, except quality rather than pleasure.

Temporary Insanity starts off with a Carthage dome fight. This doesn't make any sense in universe, since XANA is no longer tied to the Supercomputer, so the …

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TheElusiveEditor TheElusiveEditor 12 December 2014

A Proposition to the Community

Hello, fellow members of the Code Lyoko community.

I have posted this message as part of a Fanfiction on and I hope to be able to reach a wider audience through posting here.

I have an idea for a Visual Novel-style game set in the Code Lyoko universe, where you play a male main character transferring into Kadic Academy. There will initially be no mention of Lyoko, with focus on bonding with one of the three young ladies who will have routes in the game, they will be Yumi, Aelita and Sissi.

I plan on commissioning as much of the art as possible from an artist well known to myself and perhaps to contribute some of it myself, though I am far from as experienced as the intended artist is.

For the moment, I have a very basic plan of …

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 16 November 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: Aelita

This review is being done at the request of somebody I met on Facebook. I don't know why he requested this episode, but I'm reviewing it anyway. Aelita has a title that is so half-assed, it should have been the title of Canine Conundrum. In the name of not judging a book by its cover, I won't hold the terrible title against this episode. As per usual, this episode will be evaluated on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being amazing, 0 being Melanie Tran's acting, and coincidentally, Sarah Palin's IQ.

"Aelita" starts off with a title card, reminding us of the incineration of the Forest Sector. I will discuss this matter in a later review, perhaps when I hit X.A.N.A. 2.0, for reasons that only make sense in my head. We get a cut to the cliche of sepia…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 14 October 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: Attack of the Zombies

Attack of the Zombies is part of a block of episodes in season 2 that were entirely cheesy filler. This block started about 5 episodes into the season, and ended about 4 from the end. Many people criticize this episode, and that block of episodes as a whole, for being cheesy filler. I won't argue against that label, but I will defend the episode. Filler episodes can range from good to bad, from the serie's peak, "Ghost Channel", to the worst of the show "Echoes". Cheesy media can range in a similar way, from StarTrek TOS, to Plan 9 from outer space. Cheesy filler doesn't mean good or bad. Shower Scenes are good, and David Carayon's writing is bad. So I will be fair as I evaluate the English dub, on a scale of 0 to 10.

Attack of the Zombies s…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 31 August 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: Frontier

While season 1 was good, it had more obvious filler than Jeri Ryan's boobs. However, there were still a few episodes that weren't pure filler, like Ghost Channel, Code: Earth, False Start; and the arc with the Guardians. Frontier is in both camps. Yes, it's filler that doesn't further an arc, but at the same time, it affected other episodes. This was the first episode that wasn't X.A.N.A.'s attack of the week. Looking back on it, it was probably what gave the writers the determination to break out of that box, and make Ghost Channel, which would give them the power to make the later episodes. So while Frontier was filler, it was filler that gave rise to proto-substance, which gave rise to substance; kind of like Jeri Ryan, who was padding …

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Ellis99 Ellis99 23 August 2014

Fantasy Food Contest

Hello everyone,

Please support Poffins here [1].

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 10 August 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: X.A.N.A. Awakens

One of the criticisms of Code Lyoko in season 1 was that the concept was complicated and it was hard to figure out what was going on. There was no true pilot episode. In reality, this was to improve syndication. Personally, I thought it enhanced the show for several reasons. Prior to the end of season 2, even the characters didn't completely know what was going on in the show, so there was no reason for the viewer to know either. Additionally, part of the mystery of the show was the viewer figuring the show out on their own. Finally, by not making a pilot, the writers were assuming that the viewers were smart enough to figure the show out on their own; and they unintentionally started Code Lyoko's long-standing belief of assuming that even…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 24 July 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: Common Interest

One of the main flaws with Code Lyoko was that the main antagonist, X.A.N.A., didn't really have clearly defined consistent motives. Marabounta was the first time that issue was really addressed. However in that Marabounta, XANA's closest thing to motive was "Hmm, it's going to be extremely hard to tentacle mind rape her if she is destroyed or surrounded by sentient tarballs which are all trying to eat me. I should probably deal with this." That's a fairly simple motive.

With Common Interest, the writers realized this issue, since they had brought it up in Marabounta. From what I can tell, Common Interest was an experimental piece designed to do something with XANA that DIDN'T involve mass murder, mind rape, or James Bond Villain stupidity.…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 16 July 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: Canine Conundrum

I forgot who requested this review and why they requested it. But I'm still going to review "Canine Conundrum." My scoring system is simple: 10 - 0 with 10 being amazing, and 0 being Melanie Tran's acting. My review is, as usual, based on the English dub.

Canine Conundrum starts off in the Digital Sea, with Yumi in a navskid, being chased by William. As per usual, Yumi is having issues with William, and Odd is being silly in a serious situation. A Shark shows up. This fight scene was tedious. Jeremie decides to abort the mission, since they're not even at the replika yet, and they've already burned too much energy.

They arrive at the lab, and we get fake technobable from Odd. Like me, Jeremie wants to slap him, but doesn't. Ulrich and Odd ar…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 13 July 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: Maiden Voyage

This review is being done at the request of User:Brenster23. He thought it would be a good idea to look at this episode from a programmer's perspective. My scoring system is simple: 10 - 0 with 10 being amazing, and 0 being Melanie Tran's acting. My review is, as usual, based on the English dub.

The episode starts off with a "Ditzy Jim, poetic sports" moment, mixed with a "Jeremie is bad at sports" moment. We then get a "bitter person at lunch" scene, mixed with Sissi making fun of the bitter person. Okay, so we're using recycled writing instead of recycled footage. I can work with this. Aelita insults Sissi with more wittiness than Odd usually does, not that it would take much.

Yumi asks about what happened, and we get the gist of it, and s…

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 6 July 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: The Lake

This review is being done at the request of User:Brenster23. I don't know why he requested it, but I'm reviewing it anyway, since I'm a comment-whore. My scoring system is simple: 10 - 0 with 10 being amazing, and 0 being Melanie Tran's acting. My review is, as usual, based on the English dub.

"The Lake" starts off with Jeremie's year about to go on a fieldtrip, loading onto the bus. In earlier seasons, whenever the class was about to go on a fieldtrip, the characters would always point it out several minutes in advance. However, in this episode, they realized "Hey! Our viewers aren't complete idiots! They can figure it out!" so plus one point to the writers for actually learning from their mistakes.

Since Jeremie is actually sane this week,…

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The spy1 The spy1 6 July 2014

New poster

Something I made.

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The spy1 The spy1 5 July 2014

Code Lyoko fanart

This is some fan art I made using a Resistance 2 wallpaper. The positioning of the eye of X.A.N.A. on the Chimeran Hybrids was the hardest since the areas where I wanted to put them were small and I had to position the eyes on those spots on the angles. I also had to do a LOT of erasing for the subtitles of the two logos.

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Deadcoder Deadcoder 4 July 2014

Deadcoder's Reviews: Just In Time

This review is being done for intellectualism. Season and mid-season finales are interesting for TV. They can bring out both the best and worst of a series. Often, they must be extra dramatic, since the writers don't know if the work will be continued. Take season 1 of Glee, where the first sectionals episode was a mid-season finale, since the cast didn't know if the show would be continued. That was a high point. On the other hand, you have episodes like "These are the Voyages" from "Star Trek: Enterprise", which was so bad that it caused Trek to completely leave TV. Finales and mid-season finales can be both the best and the worst.

At the time, "Just in Time" was written to be a sort-of finale, since Code Lyoko's writers weren't sure if t…

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