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Barbara Weber-Scaff

Barbara Weber-Scaff (born August 21, 1963), or as she is also credited, Barbara Scaff, is an actress who played a variety of roles in Code Lyoko and elsewhere. Most of her Code Lyoko roles are men. She is a former Broadway actress. She has naturally brown curly hair. Barbara Scaff was born on August 21, 1963 in the USA as "Barbara Ann Weber"

In her personal life, she is married and has a daughter.


Noteworthy Non-Code Lyoko Roles[]

  • Several collaboration albums, including one with Elton John.
  • "The Legend of Calamity Jane", where she played the titular character in 1997. This role is relevant because this show was broadcasted by the same company as Code Lyoko.
  • Another Road: This was written by Julien Lamassonne.
  • Les Funambules: An anti-homophobia album
  • The French dub of Flashdance
  • Arthur and the Invisibles: Lip Sync Artist
  • Several roles in the Rabbids franchise
  • The title role in The Legend of Calamity Jane
  • Something in the Corto Maltese franchise
  • Martin Morning: A short-lived series that for some reason had half the English cast of Code Lyoko work on it.
  • Salammbo: Battle for Carthage, a video game in the same vein as Martin Morning
  • Still Life 2: a video game, again with the same cast.
  • A role in Casper's Scare School
  • Kaeloo: The role of Pretty the rabbit, in the Miam! Animation dub
  • A role in Eliot Kid
  • Empress Aloï: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Code Lyoko Roles[]

Role Form Seasons
Ulrich Stern English Voice Seasons 1-4
Kiwi All dubs Seasons 1-4
X.A.N.A. Ulrich English Voice Seasons 2-3, three episodes: X.A.N.A.'s Kiss, Revelation, and Nobody in Particular
Akiko Ishiyama English Voice Seasons 1-4
Xavier Gosselin English Voice Seasons 1-4
Emily LeDuc English Voice Seasons 1-4
Hiroki Ishiyama English Voice Seasons 2-4
Mister Pück (character) English Voice Season 2
Sandra Dialo English Voice Season 4: Hot Shower
Kelly English Voice Season 4, one episode: Music to Soothe the Savage Beast

Gallery of portrayed roles[]

A Quote from her[]

"Over here in France we get the craziest dialogue from the supposedly bilingual in- house translators...but luckily for us they cannot get someone from around the office to do the voice...unlLESS of COURSE dey are looking just for an e-VIL french sounding perSON! So they call actors, thank goodness, usually!"[4]

Music Career[]

  • "Terre Indigo" The theme song for the miniseries "Terre Indigo"
  • A joint cover of "It's Raining Men" with Jenny Mac Kay:
  • "A step too far" with Elton John and Jenny Mac Kay, from Elton John's musical "Aida".
  • An album with TF1 records
  • Productions of "Another Road", a Beatles jukebox musical.
  • "Elle Donne" which would be roughly translated as "She Gives".

Alternate Names[]

  • Barbara Ann Weber Scaff
  • Barbara Weber Scaff
  • Barbare Weber Scaff
  • Barbara-Anne Weber
  • Barbara Weber
  • Barbara Weber-Boustani
  • Barbara Weber-Scaff
  • Barbara Weberscaff



  1. Reply from Barbara Weber-Scaff: "[...] Actually, to get the part of Ulrich, I auditioned! Just like we all did. I originally went out for the part of Jeremy! And I had a cold and my voice was really scratchy and that's what they ended up liking for Ulrich." November 5, 2005.
  2. Reply from Barbara Weber-Scaff: "[...] to answer the "method" question, I'd have to say I do a little bit of everything. I've had training of course, in that technique, and there are some basic principles I use, but for me the most important thing is to be relaxed when I go into the studio and try to let the situation of the character dictate my reactions... and above all to have fun! Sometimes, when it's a very important scene, like in "Cold War", the[n] I might tap into some method work." December 4, 2005.
  3. Reply from Barbara Weber-Scaff: "I really liked "Cold War", also the episode where Yumi and Odd change bodies, and of course, the one when Kiwi speaks in Ulrich's voice cause Ulrich is a ghost! Those were so much fun to record..but we always have a great time." August 9, 2007.