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Antefilms Production was an animation studio founded in 1990 by brothers Christophe and Benoit Di Sabatino. Antefilms quickly became a major figure in French animation. In 1998, Antefilms opened a state of the art 3D animation studio based in Angoulême, in southwest France.

In 2001, Antefilms made a five minute short feature called Garage Kids, for the French Television Channel France 3, who were looking for a new children’s programme. The France 3 executives gave this feature their stamp of approval. Antefilms continued to develop their concept, which eventually evolved into Code Lyoko, which was aired on France 3 in September 2003.

In 2003, the de Sabatino brothers brought out France Animation from the web provider, Wanadoo (a branch of the French telecommunication company, France Télécom) and merged their main assets into Moonscoop, which inherited all of Antefilms’ copyrights. This is this reason behind the disappearance of the Antefilms logo in the opening credits after Season 1 concluded.

The 3D studio in Angoulême meanwhile was reformatted as a subsidiary of Moonscoop as Antefilms Studios. It is here that Code Lyoko’s 3D sequences are animated.

Moonscoop Presentations

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