Amelia "Milly" Solovieff is a member of the Kadic News Crew, and is the news anchor. She is quite intelligent for a little girl of 10-11 years old and in the 5th-6th grade. Milly is a friend of Tamiya, who is the camera girl.


She has a crush on Ulrich, while Yumi's brother Hiroki has a crush on her. She is very sensitive and often goes around with Tamiya recording news.

Milly sometimes picks up gossip and tells it to the whole school via the news report. X.A.N.A. used her teddy bear to try to destroy the school and parts of the city, destroy Sissi's makeup, and attempt to kill Ulrich in Teddygozilla.

She was a secondary target of X.A.N.A'.s schemes in Claustrophobia. She has claustrophobia, like Herb. As shown in the very first episode, Milly cannot maturely control her emotions, and can often be seen acting in a very immature, regressed manner when she is bullied and picked on (e.g. whining and crying), but by the fourth season, she has somewhat matured.

In Music to Soothe the Savage Beast, she, Tamiya, and Sophie from the Subdigitals, were possessed by X.A.N.A..


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  • Her French voice actress is Nathalie Stas.
  • In Finnish, she was played by Elise Langenoja in Seasons 1-2, and Hanna-Maija Nikander in Seasons 3-4.
  • In the Polish version of the show, she was voiced by Agnieszka Kunikowska.
  • Milly was the very first character shown in Code Lyoko, in production order, not counting prototype media.
  • She dislikes being called "small" or "short", which was an issue in Teddygozilla.
  • It is revealed in Lost at Sea that Hiroki has a crush on her. This is supported in Canine Conundrum when he invites Milly and Tamiya to watch in and make a reportage on the Pencak Silat class, much to Jim's displeasure (they were interrupting the class).
  • She has been known to publish embarrassing photos of people, which she did twice in Cold Sweat.


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