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Alan Wenger is the casting director for Code Lyoko. He cast himself the roles of Jean-Pierre Delmas and Waldo Schaeffer and does their voices in the English version.

Code Lyoko Roles[]

Role Form Seasons
Jean-Pierre Delmas English Voice Seasons 1-4
Waldo Schaeffer English Voice Seasons 3-4
X.A.N.A. Franz Hopper English Voice Season 4

Noteworthy Non-Code Lyoko Roles[]

  • Ratatouille, noteworthy because Matthew Geczy, Jodi Forrest, David Gasman, Sharon Mann, and Alan Wenger, all of whom are Code Lyoko actors, worked on this film.
  • A Monster in Paris, noteworthy because it also had a ton of Code Lyoko actors. Such actors include Jodi Forrest, David Gasman, Matthew Geczy, Mirabelle Kirkland, and Alan Wenger.
  • Several roles in the Rabbids franchise. Again, because of the absurd number of Code Lyoko actors. Matthew Geczy, Jodi Forrest, David Gasman, Sharon Mann, Alan Wenger, and Mirabelle Kirkland have all had roles in this franchise.
  • The Rayman franchise has too many of these intersections to find.
  • Takashi Terada (寺田卓) in the movie "Roujin Z."

Pictures of Roles[]