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For the character in Evolution inspired by Alan Meyer, see Lowell Tyron.

Alan Meyer is one of the names for a character in Code Lyoko's backstory.

He served as the inspiration for Dido in Code Lyoko Chronicles and Tyron in Code Lyoko Evolution.


Alan Meyer is never mentioned directly in the original series, though he is indirectly referred to in The Key. According to Sophie Decroisette, he was a scientist who worked within close proximity to Waldo Schaeffer in Switzerland, as part of Project Carthage.[1] He was Schaeffer's enemy and ultimately "caused his downfall", implicating him as the core cause of the series' current events. Meyer is still alive during the events of the show, but dormant.

He went by a different, unknown name in the original series' bible.[2] Decroisette later changed his name to Alan Meyer when she and Jérôme Mouscadet were writing Evolution's bible, who they planned to have appear in the show.[3] The character later became Tyron, whose name was changed after Decroisette and Mouscadet had left the show over creative differences with the directors.[4]

It's unclear how different Meyer and Tyron's backstories are from each other. Decroisette later said the changes Evolution's directors made to the bible were significant enough for her to consider the series non-canon and that they hadn't used Project Carthage's original backstory "at all".[4][1] She was unaware of how they specifically used Tyron however since she hadn't watched the series.[2]


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