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Akiko Ishiyama is the mother of Yumi and Hiroki from Japan. She is mainly shown as a housewife throughout the series. She wears a red shirt, blue pants, and a tan apron with a strawberry on it. In A Space Oddity only, she wears a sky-blue buttoned shirt, indigo pants and pink flat shoes.

In the French version, she is implied to have grown up in rural Japan.[2] She moved to Kyoto after marrying Takeho before they eventually settled in France. Her relationship with her husband is turbulent. They periodically have fights and in Laughing Fit, even had a trial separation but reconciled thanks to Ulrich. She often worries about her daughter. In A Bad Turn, it was revealed that Akiko has been working on a dictionary shortly before a materialized Krab appeared at their house.

In the English version of Code Lyoko, she was voiced by Barbara Weber-Scaff and in the French version, she was voiced by Nathalie Stas or Alexandra Correa. This is disputed. In the Polish version, she was voiced by Elżbieta Kopocińska-Bednarek.


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