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For the character, see Aelita Schaeffer.

Aelita is the fifth episode of Season 3 and the fifty-seventh episode of Code Lyoko.


Aelita is still being haunted by traumatic memories of losing her father to X.A.N.A. and begins having disruptive daydreams about her escape from the Hermitage with her father, virtualizing for the first time into Lyoko's Forest Sector, seeing the monsters attacking her father and the idea of staying all alone inside a tower. At lunch, Aelita asks Jeremie about looking for her father somewhere on Lyoko as she believes he might be still there but Jeremie says that it's impossible for her father to be on Lyoko as he sacrificed himself to bring her back to life. She becomes angry at Jeremie and his lack of sensitivity toward the subject of her past even saying that she regrets having her memories back, and goes to the Hermitage to sulk. Odd finds her and apologizes on Jeremie's behalf, adding that Jeremie "really likes" her but he isn't the best at showing it. Aelita then convinces Odd to come with her on a secret trip to Lyoko in order to search for signs of Franz Hopper. Inside the Factory, Aelita prepares a delayed virtualization into the Desert Sector, as well as a delayed arrival of the Transport Orb at the edge of the sector. Odd is amazed that Aelita can do all that but she says it's a piece of cake and they both head to the scanner room.

Meanwhile, Jeremie and Ulrich are studying in the campus library and Jeremie starts asking Ulrich whether he was too harsh to Aelita and the subject of her past. Ulrich says he was harsh especially due to the fact it was difficult for Aelita after she learned she was a human and lived on Earth thanks to the memories she gained after her father sacrificed himself for her. He adds that he should apologize her. Suddenly they are alerted to an activated tower in the Mountain Sector by the Superscan. They decide to make a diversion by arguing loudly so they can leave the library when Jim tells them to do so. They call Yumi, and the three of them arrive at the Factory. Jeremie finds he cannot get in touch with either Aelita or Odd, completely unaware that they are already on Lyoko and have entered Sector Five.

Ulrich and Yumi, who run away from the math test, are sent to the Mountain Sector and are immediately attacked by two Tarantulas and squadron Hornets but Jeremie sends them their vehicles so they leave them behind and travel to the tower. In Sector Five, Odd and Aelita reach the Core Zone and defeat several Creepers where Aelita notices in their behavior that they appear to be surprised with their visit. Odd starts jumping onto the walls to stop the countdown by touching the key so they can enter the Celestial Dome. Back in the lab, the Holoweb suddenly switches on and Jeremie finally discovers that Aelita and Odd are in Sector Five, and demands they go to the Mountain Sector to help Yumi and Ulrich and deactivate the tower. However, just before they are about to leave, Aelita discovers three Mantas near the south pole entrance leading to the Core of Lyoko, as if they were guarding it. Jeremie notes that this is a very bad sign, prompting him to turn on the Core of Lyoko's map and see a group of monsters in the chamber. He then realizes the activated tower is was simply a diversion meant to occupy the Lyoko Warriors while X.A.N.A. destroys the Core.

Ulrich and Yumi, who have been battling two Bloks and managed to beat them without any trouble, abandon their defense of the activated tower and are sent to Sector Five. Yumi points out that X.A.N.A. has fooled them this time, but Jeremie reassures her that Odd and Aelita managed to be smarter than X.A.N.A. to their luck. Meanwhile, Aelita and Odd fend off the flying Mantas in the Celestial Dome, but Odd is devirtualized just before they can enter the south pole. Aelita enters the room containing the Core by herself and starts sniping the monsters with her Energy Fields. She is followed shortly after by Ulrich and Yumi, and together they defeat all the monsters. Jeremie suggests Aelita stop at the interface to collect data on Franz Hopper before deactivating the tower, indicating he has learned to be more sensitive to her feelings, and Aelita happily complies.

Later that night, Jeremie and Aelita use Jeremie's dorm room desktop to analyze the data she collected. After some searching, Jeremis thinks the data brought them nothing but suddenly he discovers a fragment of Franz Hopper's DNA, which they take as evidence that he may still be alive somehwere on Lyoko.


Aelita's own book

The cover of the book adaptation

  • The original French name for this episode is the same as the English.
  • Sophie Decroisette later revealed that when she and Jérôme Mouscadet wrote the show's backstory between season 1 and 2, originally Aelita was the one who shut down the supercomputer and not Franz Hopper.[1] In that version, Aelita ran inside the tower after witnessing X.A.N.A. capture her father and shutdown the supercomputer from the tower interface.[2]
  • Odd's foot odor, a major subplot in this episode, is a running gag throughout the series.
  • Aelita mentions she spent 10 years of her life in Lyoko prior to the series. This technically makes her the oldest member of the Lyoko Warriors.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Mr. Fumet teaches a lesson on Ragnarök, a tale in Norse mythology in which a natural disaster destroys the world. A new world then arises and is repopulated by a single man and woman. This foreshadows the third season finale, in which X.A.N.A. succeeds in destroying Lyoko, only for it to be rebuilt by Jeremie and Aelita.
  • This episode got its own novel, but it was only released in French.


  • When she first appears, Yumi is not carrying a bag. Soon afterwards, she has a black bag, then a pink one, then again a black one, then back to no bag.
  • In one scene, the Holomap shown in the Heart of Lyoko features the Forest Sector even though it has been destroyed since the events of Lyoko Minus One.
  • The picture on Jeremie's Einstein book moves from the back cover to the front between scenes.



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