• Pahoittelen. Suomalainen on huono.

    Olen Englannin wiki -johtajan johtaja. Olen myös ylläpitäjä joissakin muissa Code Lyoko wikiissä.

    Työskentelysi tällä wiki on hyvä.

      Ladataan muokkainta
    • Hello, and thank you. As for the question you asked in the other thread (about the red links) I haven't really been editing in here for a long time, since I've been working on other wikis.

        Ladataan muokkainta
    • I sympathize with you regarding that. I have the same problem on the Dev wiki.

      If it would reduce your workload, you could make Käyttäjä:Josep Maria Roca Peña an additional crat/admin. He could do some of the admin work, which would free up some of your time. He is better than I am at being an admin, and he has been active on all of the Code Lyoko wikis for a long time, so he is extremely reliable.

      Toivon, että oli helpompi oppia vieraita kieliä, kuten suomalaista, missä asun. Valitettavasti kielen maisema Yhdysvalloissa on hyvin hankalaa, mikä vaikeuttaa käytäntöä; Ja en ole hyvä oppia heitä.

        Ladataan muokkainta
    • Yes, well there isn't usually that much activity on Finnish wikis, so at least I can still keep up. :D

      Finnish is such a small language that studying English has become a given in here. You can't really survive with Finnish at an international level, after all.

        Ladataan muokkainta
    • It's very sad that there isn't much activity. Finnish is a pretty language. It's also poetic if you find compound-word-generation to be a form of poetry. I wish I had my sister's ability to pick up languages.

      I wish I could contribute more, but my abilities are limited. That's why most of my work on here is creating skeleton episode articles, categorizing redirects, and creating redirects.

      At least you live in a country where learning foreign languages is respected and is taught well. Where I live, schools are considered lucky to have 2 foreign languages taught, and each section has far more people who want to take it than there are slots available in the class.

        Ladataan muokkainta
    • That's a shame :/ In my school it was almost the other way around. There were possibilities to study many different languages but some of the courses were cancelled because not enough people picked them. Many just study English and don't other with any other foreign languages.

      I definitely wouldn't mind if wikis were more popular among the Finnish people, but unfortunately that isn't the case.... :(

        Ladataan muokkainta
    • I guess the mandatory learning of Swedish might make learning other languages a less pleasant activity.

      You're contributing to the popularity of wikis with the Finnish people by running this. That counts for something.

        Ladataan muokkainta
    • Yeah, it's exactly that. Some would like to study other languages, but since they already have to study Swedish they feel like they don't have the energy to bother with more.

      Sorry for the late reply, I didn't mean to ignore you or anything, I've been busy with other stuff.... ^^

        Ladataan muokkainta
    • We have a similar problem here in Florida with Spanish. With many schools, Spanish is the only second language offered, but many schools require a second language. So many other languages are barely supported, it's defacto mandatory. There's people who want to learn Japanese, Mandarin, German, and other languages; but Spanish is defacto-mandatory.

      Don't worry about the reply times. I'm working full time as an engineer. I understand the difficulties of time.

        Ladataan muokkainta
    • Interesting, I didn't know that! Unfortunately it seems to be difficult to always organize/afford language lessons for every language that students want to learn.... Good thing that we have the Internet these days, it makes studying on your own a lot easier.

        Ladataan muokkainta
    • Wikia-avustaja
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